Austin Family of Montgomery and Union Counties, NC

William Austin was born about 1700 in Ireland, and died about 1770 in Southampton Co. VA. The date of his immigration is unknown. His wife's name was Ruth. Austins in America 1990, page 356, refers to Southampton Co. Wills and Administrations, book II, 1775-1800

First Generation

Children of William and Ruth Austin
Charles Austin (1726-1771)
John Austin (1727-?)
Richard Austin (1728-?)
Sarah Austin (1729-?) m. ___ Jackson
Molly Austin (1730-?)

This family from the Austin Families Genealogical Society Site, document William & Ruth Austin of North Carolina, edited by Richard C. Austin, 1 October 2004.

Second Generation

Probable children of John Austin
Bryant Austin (ca. 1751-after 1832) m. Permelia (?) Osborn
John Austin
Jacob Austin
Richard Austin
Jonathan Austin
Michael Austin
Drury Austin

Note: Austin researchers are uncertain whether John or Richard is the father of the children listed here. A family Bible belonging to Charles Austin refers to his nephews Bryant, Michael and Richard but does not make clear who their father was.

Third Generation

Children of Bryant Austin and Permelia (?) Osborn
Bryant Austin
Jonathan Austin
Jacob B. Austin (ca. 1775-before May 1858) m. Charlotte Palmer (ca. 1779-1828)
Sarah Austin (1783-1852)
Rebecca Austin
Aisley Austin

From Austins in America, August 1990, page 357: Bryant Austin "settled on Rocky River in what is now Stanly County [NC], just above Coble Mill. He lived there during the Revolutionary War and was among the Regulators who Governor Tryon refused to pardon. Bryant fled from Hillsboro and settled in the wilds of what is now Stanly County. Tryon's officers went to his house to arrest him, he offered them a barrel of brandy into their cart if they would go on and say nothing about him. They backed their cart up to his cellar door and he rolled the barrel of brandy into their cart and they went on their way rejoicing, and left him to be the ancestor of a large and influential family." Austins in America, August 1990, page 357.

Fourth Generation

Child of Jacob B. Austin and Charlotte Palmer
John Edmund Austin (1811-1900) m. 1) Eunice Lavina Hamilton (1817-1864), 2) Margaret Sikes (ca. 1827-after 1880 census), 3) Della Yandle (ca. 1857-?)

Jacob and Charlotte lived in Montgomery Co. NC and had 13 children altogether. Information on the others is available from various sources on line.

Fifth Generation

Children of John Edmund Austin and Lavina Hamilton
William Alexander Austin (1838-1916) m. 1) Rosanna Penelope Little (1841-1905), 2) Tabitha Simpson (ca. 1850-?)
James E. Austin (ca. 1840-1865); died just before the end of the Civil War
John Culpepper Austin (ca. 1843-?) m. 1) Mary E. Bivens, 2) Sarah Rosana Trull
Sarah Ellen Austin (1849-1946) m. William G. Long (1842-1928)
Bedy G. Austin (1850-?) m. Caldwell Thomas Helms
Thomas H. Austin (ca. 1851-?) m. Ida Schaeffer
Colwell or Caldwell Austin (ca. 1856-?)
Lemuel Austin (ca. 1858-?)
Josiah Ellis Austin (1859-1945) m. Mary Jane Rea (1856-1925)

Although later records give Josiah's birthdate as 17 Oct 1859, he does not appear in the 1860 census. Lemuel is age 2 in 1860 and is not present in 1870.

The 1870 census lists two Austin girls, Frances age 13 and Nancy age 11. Since neither of these children are part of the family in 1860, I suspect they are Margaret's children from a previous marriage.

Children of John Edmund Austin and Margaret Sikes
Thaddeus Austin (ca. 1866-?)
Leander Austin (ca. 1862-?)
J. Lonnie Austin

Children of John Edmund Austin and Della Yandle
Daisy Austin (1886-?) m. Will A. Laney
Minnie Austin (1890-?) m. R.P. Presley
Ernest Austin (1893-1972)
Mary Austin (1896-?) m. James W. Harkey

Thanks to Cynthia Porcher for my initial information on this family. I have supplemented this with data from the Austin Families site, and from my own searches of census and other records. Additions and corrections are welcome.

Sixth Generation

Children of Josiah Ellis Austin and Mary Jane Rea
Mary Ethel Austin (1881-1980) m. Charles Whitney Sims (1877-1965)
Permiller Elma Austin (1883-1951) m. Joe Harvey Caldwell (1871-1932)
Robert Edward Austin (1885-?) m. Susan Hannah Porter (1895-1936)
Sarah Edith Austin (1888-1971) m. S. Hoyle Long (1878-1950)
Lena Esca Austin (1890-?) m. E. Pierce Sells (1888-1956)
Meak Ervin Austin (1892-1970) m. Ruby Porter (1907-1969)
Lavina Emmaline Austin (1894-?) m. Walter L. Walters
Guy Estes Austin (1897-1971) m. Evelyne Young

My information on this family came mostly from the Austin Families site, with credit to Dan Sullivan.

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