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Note: All my information on this family comes from other people's work, found on the internet. I started this page with what I had from various undocumented sources, and then discovered Don Barber's excellent site (see Links, below), from which I obtained most of the narrative history and many dates.

I'm interested primarily in the direct line shown here, and will be very grateful for corrections of any errors.

First Generation

Thomas Barber (1612-1662) of Stamford, Lincolnshire, was brought to New England as an apprentice to Francis Stiles in 1634. About 1640 he married a woman named Jane or Joan; some family pages give her name as Jane Coggin, but according to Don Barber's page, no documentation has been found to support this.

Second Generation

Child of Thomas and Jane Barber
Samuel Barber (1648-1708/1709) married 1) Mary Coggin; 2) Ruth Drake (1657-1731)

There were at least three more sons - John, Thomas and Josiah - and daughters Sarah and Mary.

Third Generation

Here I am following only the children in the direct line that interests me.

Children of Samuel Barber and Ruth Drake
Joseph Barber (b. 1681) m. 1) Hannah, surname unknown; 2) Mary Loomis, d/o Nathaniel Loomis and Elizabeth Moore
John Barber (b. 1696) m. Jane Alvord, d/o Jeremy Alvord and Jane Hoskins

Fourth Generation

Child of Joseph Barber and Mary Loomis
Daniel Barber (1719-?)

Child of John Barber and Jane Alvord
Naomi Barber (1721-bef. 1760)

The first cousins Daniel and Naomi married in 1741 in Windsor CT, and moved to Essex Co. NY in the early 1750s.

Fifth Generation

Daniel and Naomi were parents of a daughter Naomi Barber (1743-1819), who married Michael Connelly in Ulster Co. NY. Michael died in Dutchess Co. NY in 1806. Naomi's death is recorded in Windsor CT in 1819. Did she return there after Michael's death?


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Don Barber's very comprehensive Barber family site


Barber family DNA project
Four different American Barber family lines have been identified. Two descendants of Thomas Barber have been tested, and correspond to Haplogroup I1.


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