George Simeon Binnicker Family

First Generation

Charles James Binnicker is said to be the father of George Simeon Binnicker, but some online files give impossible dates for their respective births. I've also found conflicting information on the name of George's mother, and would be grateful for a well-documented history of the earlier generations. The most persuasive site I've seen calls her Charity Williams, and gives her first husband's surname as Ritter. If correct, this is probably the source of several files that call her Nee Ritter Williams; in reality she would have been Charity Ritter, née (i.e. born) Williams. Can anyone confirm this?

Second Generation

George Simeon Binnicker (1800-1864) m. 1) Elizabeth Clayton(?), 2) Sarah Ann Fogle (1818-1870).

George Simeon Binnicker appears in the 1850 census for Orangeburg Co. SC with Sarah and eight children. He died 27 Nov 1864, and is buried with Sarah at St. George Baptist Church. I don't have dates for either marriage and therefore can't tell which children are by which wife, except that the youngest ones must be Sarah's. The older children's names and dates, and most of the spouses, were obtained from on-line genealogies with no documentation, but I verified that the ages were approximately correct compared to the 1850 census records.

Children of George Simeon Binnicker
Charles Binnicker (1822-1899) m. Mary Elizabeth Bessinger (1822-1909)
George Barney Binnicker (1823-1882) m. Rachel Smoak
John Daniel Binnicker (1826-1878) m. Carrie Elizabeth Ziegler
James Lucius Binnicker (ca. 1829-?) m. Louisa Johnson
Elizabeth Binnicker (1830-1871) m. Daniel Boltin
Louisa Binnicker (1832-?) m. Richard Hair?
Theresa S. Binnicker (1832-1897) m. Morgan A. Davis (1832-1894)
Mary Binnicker (ca. 1837-?) m. Samuel Millhouse
Nathan Binnicker (ca. 1839-?)
Jane Binnicker (ca. 1841-?) m. Wayne Davis
Martha Ann Binnicker (1843-1921) m. Jacob Franklin Boltin (1836-1908)
Levinia Adella Binnicker (1847-1910) m. Shadrack H. Bair (1843-1886)
Vesta Margaret Binnicker (1850-1929) m. Jacob D. Bonnett (1842-1892)
Georgiana Binnicker (ca. 1851-?)
William F. Binnicker (1853-1932) m. Georgia Ann Gray (1857-1938)
Sarah Ann Binnicker (ca. 1857-?)

Most on-line trees give Charles' middle name as James, but a few have Joseph instead. He appears in the 1860 census as C.A. Binnicker.

Louisa and Theresa are specifically marked as twins in 1850.

Vesta is listed as age 2 in 1850, but cemetery records show her born in March, 1850.

Third Generation

Children of Charles Binnicker and Mary Elizabeth Bessinger
Leonora Binnicker (ca. 1844-?)
Louisa Binnicker (ca. 1846-?)
Margaret Ann Binnicker (1849-1925) m. Alexander E. Rutland (1845-1925)
John V. Binnicker (1850-?) - is this John B. Binnicker who died in 1944?
Charles Binnicker (1854-?)
Morgan Binnicker (ca. 1857-?)
Elizabeth Binnicker (ca. 1859-?)
Mary F. Binnicker (ca. 1865-?)
Carasia? Binnicker (ca. 1867-?)
Sarah T. Binnicker (ca. 1869-?)

This family was reconstructed based on the 1850, 1860 and 1880 census records. I can't find them in 1870.

John V. appears in the 1850 census age 2/12, but is only 7 in 1860. If his age is that far off in 1860, the other children's ages may be wrong also.


I'm grateful to Peggy Miller and other contacts from the Orangeburgh SC e-mail list for information on this and other families in this area.

The rest of my information came from reconstructions of families from the census and other public records, supplemented by reference to various on-line family trees, not all of which included documentation.

This page was created on February 16, 2008.


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