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First Generation

Richard Church of Norfolk County VA was of age by 1666, so was born by at least 1645. He appears to have married twice, first to Mary Sayer, daughter of Thomas Sayer, and then to Elizabeth English who survived his death in 1705. Elizabeth was probably the daughter of John English (thanks to William P. Carrell for this information!)

Richard's will names daughters Sarah Nichols, Abigall Church, Patience Church, Corbin ??, Ann Trevathan, and Mary Murrow, and son Joseph Church. Based on approximate birthdates, Ann and Abigail appear to be from the second marriage. I'm still not sure about the others. If you have information on this family, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Second Generation

Children of Richard Church
Anne Church (ca. 1678-1742) m. 1) Argall Thorowgood, his third wife; m. 2) Sampson Trevathan
Abigail Church (ca. 1688-?) m. 1) Jonas Cawson (?-1726), m. 2) John Whiddon (?-ca. 1750)
Patience Church (?-1750) m. 1) William Thorowgood, 2) Christopher Burrough
Frances Church m. Richard Corbett*
Joseph Church
Mary Church m. ?? Murrow
Sarah Church m. ?? Nichols

* McIntosh's transcription of Richard's will reads "my daughter Corbin..." The will does not name a daughter Frances, however Anne Church Trevathan in her will in 1742 names her "sister Frances Corbett". I suspect that this is a single individual, Frances Church, and that she is the wife Frances named in the will of Richard Corbitt in 1720.

There are some interesting legal records in Princess Anne Co. VA regarding Ann Church and her second husband Sampson Trevathan. Sampson left Ann with her two daughters in Virginia and went back to Cornwall, where he seems to have married again, to a woman named Katherine who is named in his will. Ann was still living in Virginia at the time of Sampson's death in England.

Third/Fourth Generations

There is another Richard Church in Norfolk County, who died 1743. Since he is not named in the will of Richard Sr., I suspect he may be the son of Joseph, and thus a grandson rather than son of Richard Sr., but I would like confirmation of this. His will names his wife as Abiah.

Children of Richard and Abiah Church
Lydia Church m. Cawson or Cason? (named as "Lydia Casson" in her father's will)
Julian Church
Caleb Church
Joseph Church
Elizabeth Church


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