Davis family of Orangeburg Co. SC

Based on cemetery records, Daniel David Davis was born in 1805 and died in 1882. He appears in the Orangeburg Co. census records in 1850-1880. His wife was Catherine Fralick (1814-ca. 1905).

Does anyone have information going further back?

First Generation

Children of Daniel David Davis and Catherine Fralick
Morgan A. Davis (1832-1894) m. Theresa Binnicker (1832-1897)
Mary E. Davis (1836-1856) m. _____ Gibson
Henry Davis (1837-?)
Ellen R. Davis (ca. 1844-1922) m. 1) Asbury Davis, 2) Morgan Francis Fralick
Julia Davis (1848-?)
Paul Davis (ca. 1850-?) m. Mary Howell
Laura Davis (1854-1937) m. James O. Millhouse
Clara Davis (1859-?) m. Tom Cartmill
Jeff Davis (1863-?)
Willie Lucius Davis (1865-1937) m. Ida Houck

I suspect Asbury Davis, Ellen's first husband, was a cousin of hers; Martin Fralick definitely was. Ellen had three children by Asbury Davis (Mary Cornelia, Edward Patrick, and Caroline Davis) and five children by Martin Fralick. These will be listed on a Fralick page currently under construction.


Thanks to Cathy Copeland and Peggy Miller for information on this family.

Additional Resources

Davis family DNA project

Many samples have been submitted to this project, but I wasn't able to find identify one as a descendant of Daniel David Davis. This is a surname where DNA could be very helpful - if you're a male descendant of this family, please consider participating.

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