Dean Family of Granville County NC

Richard Dean, born in Virginia about 1755, married Frances Slaughter (1755-1838) in Granville Co. NC in 1781. According to on-line sources, she was the daughter of Jacob Schlotterer and Delainie Stolles.

Richard and Frances were the parents of Daniel Dean (1784-1868), who married Elizabeth Carnal (1790-1882), daughter of Moses and Margaret Carnal.

First Generation

Children of Daniel Dean and Elizabeth Carnal
Martisha Dean (1808-1867)
Parthenia Dean (1811-?)
Moses Carnal Dean (1814-1895) m. Lucinda Sherman (1817-1871), d/o John Sherman and Hannah Jones
Rowland Cook Dean (1817-1889); still with his parents in 1850 & 1860 censuses
William W. Dean (1820-1857)
Sarah Jane Dean (1822-?) m. William H. Gorden
Daniel Dean (ca. 1822-?)

Second Generation

Children of Moses Carnal Dean and Lucinda Sherman
Frances Caroline Dean (1836-1894) m. Augustus D. Frazier (1833-1903)
John D. Dean (1838-1856)
Ulysses Simpson Dean (1839-1912) m. Lucretia M. Bobbitt (1847-1928)
Elizabeth Jane Dean (1841-1905) m. 1) William P. Sizemore (1838-1864), 2) Richard David Brooks (1845-1909)
William Jasper Dean (1843-1889) m. Elizabeth F. Knott (1850-1897)
George Washington Dean (1844-1915) m. Margaret P. Knott (1850-1910)
James R. Dean (1846-1919) m. Cordelia W. Bough (1855-1940)
Moses Carnal Dean Jr. (1848-1890) m. Sarah F. Davis (1848-1914)
Lucinda H. Dean (1850-1936) m. Josiah C. Currin (1851-1922)
Amos Dean (1852-1930) m. 1) Nancy Ella Knott (1858-1905), 2) Annie Bunch (1877-1932)
Annie Dean (1854-1935) m. Amos Currin
Thomas Green Dean (1857-1934) m. Mary Alice Daniel (1866-1942)
Benjamin Franklin Dean (1859-1936) m. Mary (Molly) A. Hobgood (1865-1932)

My information on this family comes primarily from the Gray/Wiggs/Dean Family Tree site listed below.

Some on-line trees list another son, Alfred Dean (ca. 1852-1879) but this child does not appear with Moses and Lucinda in either the 1860 or 1870 census records.


Gray/Wiggs/Dean Family Tree, at This is an excellent site with some great photographs.

Additional Resources

Dean family DNA project

This project has an excellent page with good analysis of the results so far. Although there are several samples with North Carolina connections, as of May 2008 no descendant of Daniel Dean of Granville County has been tested.

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