English Family

First Generation

This Quaker family goes back to the 1500s in Settrington, Yorkshire, England. Thomas English, born there in 1611, married Anne Dent of Morton Emmora, Durham, England, in 1630 and moved with her to County Westmeath, Ireland, probably between 1640 and 1650. Thomas and Anne had five daughters and a son, John, who married first Mary Heathwood in 1666, and then married Elinor Wilkinson in 1674. No children are recorded for the second marriage.

Second Generation

Children of John English and Mary Heathwood
Ann English married Benjamin Parvin
Thomas English (1667-?) m. Mary Sharp

Third Generation

Children of Thomas English and Mary Sharp
John English (1695-?)
Thomas English (1698-1707)
Joshua English (1701-?) m. Mary Holmes (?-1789)
Anne English (1703-1705)
Abraham English (1705-?)
Mary English (1707-1708)
Thomas English (1708-1709)

Fourth Generation

Joshua English was born in Moate, County Westmeath, Ireland, and came to South Carolina in 1753 on the Hitchcock with his wife and at least some of his children. Only the two oldest children, Thomas and Elizabeth, are recorded on the ship's manifest. Were the others omitted simply because they were children, or were they not with their parents on this voyage? Land registration records suggest that Joshua died between February 1768 and January 1771.

Children of Joshua English and Mary Holmes
Thomas English (ca. 1732-ca. 1787) m. Margaret Flynn (?-1793)
Elizabeth English (1735-1803) did not marry
Robert English (ca. 1732?-1799) m. Margaret Adamson (ca. 1740-bef. 1784)
John English, wife's name unknown
Mary English m. John Belton
Joshua English m. Sarah Adamson

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas English and Margaret Flynn
Joshua English m. Margaret Robinson
Ann English (ca. 1760/1764 - aft. 1807) m. 1) Samuel Tomlinson, 2) Jacob Tacker
Edward Flynn English (1764-1848) m. 1) Jane Bradley, 2) Zilpha Shark
Elizabeth English m. Abijah Rembert
Thomas English m. 1) Hannah Jones, 2) Martha Allison
John English (?-1840) m. Ruth Hoggatt
Robert English (1773-?) m. Elizabeth Wilson
William English m. Hannah Tacker
Mary English [? possibly not their child, a confusion with a daughter of John English of SC]
Joseph English

As a Quaker, Thomas English did not fight in the Revolution, but he is listed as a patriot by the DAR for furnishing beef to General Greene's army during the Battle of Camden.


Children of Robert English and Margaret Adamson
Elizabeth English
Mary English
Sarah English
Rachel English
Peggy English
James English
Amelia English
John English


Children of John English and his wife
Robert English
Thomas English
Jonathan English
Elizabeth English
Ann English


Children of Joshua English and Sarah Adamson
James English
Sarah English
Elizabeth English
Harriet English m. Robert Singleton, moved to Alabama
Joseph English
Mary English
Joshua English moved to Alabama
John English

Sixth Generation

Children of John English and Ruth Hoggatt
Margaret English (1795-?) m. George Haworth
William English (1797-?) m. Abigail Hackett
John English (1800-?) m. Miriam (or Marian?) Dillon
Ruth English (1802-?) did not marry
Thomas English (1806-1890) m. Mildred Ratliff Tomlinson (1810-1899)
Rachel English (1809-1876) m. Allen Unthank Tomlinson (1802-1879)
Mary Anne English (1812-1838) m. Enos Tomlinson
Lindsay English (1815-?)
Robert English (1818-?) m. Priscilla Piggott or Pickett
Zebulon English (1820-?) m. Adaliza Tomlinson

Seventh Generation

Children of William English and Abigail Hackett
Sarah Anne English (1827-1909) m. Thomas Allen Blair (1826-1902)
John Barton English (ca. 1829-?)
Mildred English (ca. 1832-?)
Samuel English (ca. 1835-?) m. Martha Sweney
Abigail English - may have died young, not in 1850 census
Rachel English (ca. 1842-?)


Children of Thomas English and Mildred Tomlinson
Martha English (1838-1925) m. Amos Ragan (1824-1902)
Martisha J. English (1839-1925) did not marry
Luvenia English (1842-1944) did not marry
Retta English (1845-1939) m. Robert Hardin (1849-1937)
Nereus C. English (1848-1921) m. Virginia Bouldin (1871-1961)
John R. English (1851-1915) m. Margaret Stevens


Children of Robert English and Priscilla Pickett
Albert English (ca. 1843-?)
Allen English (ca. 1847-?)


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Additional Resources

ENGLISH family DNA project

I would be willing to share the cost of a DNA test for a well-documented male-line descendant of Thomas English and Mary Flynn. Please contact me if you are interested.

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