English Family of Lycoming Co. PA

First Generation

Children of unknown parents
James English (ca. 1745?-1823) m. Jane Boatman
John English (ca. 1750-1844) m. Fanny Boatman (1752-1847)
Rebecca English m. 1) Campbell, 2) Daniel Callahan
William English

The Meginness History of Lycoming County (ref below) says John was older than James, but this is not consistent with dates given in other histories of this family.

John and James English have been said to have come from Massachusetts, but there seems to be no proof of this. Meginness says they were of Irish origin. Both John and James served in the Revolution and after the war settled together in the Lycoming Co. PA area. Their sister Rebecca supposedly stayed with her brothers through their Revolutionary service, as cook and caretaker. A third and younger brother, William, also settled in PA. It is thought that he too was a Revolutionary soldier.

John was living as early as 1784 on what has since been known as English Island, in Pine Creek. Meginness lists him as the likely first settler of what became Cummings township, and says that he "located on the largest of a cluster of islands in the creek, which contained 27 acres and 92 perches, nearly 12 miles above its mouth".

Second Generation

Children of James English and Jane Boatman
John English (1785-1867) m. Elizabeth Miller (1788-1872)
Esther English (1789-1860) m. John Callahan (1796-1896)
Mary (Polly) English m. Daniel Callahan (1793-1871)
Jane English m. Dennis Callahan
Betsy English (1793-1857) m. William Callahan (1788-1841)
Sarah English m. James Miller
James English m. Priscilla Campbell

John, Daniel, Dennis and William Callahan were all sons of Daniel Callahan and Rebecca English, hence first cousins to their wives.


Children of John English and Fanny Boatman
John English (1781-1868) m. Mary Hamlin
James English (1782-1851) m. Ann Young (1790-1874)
Margaret English (1783-1877) m. Abraham Harris (ca. 1777-1863)
Mary English m. George Bonnell
Claudius English (1785-1864) m. Betsy Morrison
Elizabeth English (1788-?) m. Abbis Conner
William English (1791-1870) m. Margaret Morrison
Fanny English (1793-?)
Sarah English (1797-1875) m. 1) Thomas Ramsey, 2) John Bonnell
Thomas English


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The entire book is available on-line at the Lycoming County Pennsylvania Genealogy Project

Allied Families of Boatman - English - Callahan - Carson - Bonnell - Havel
Typescript, author not indicated on my copy

Stephenson, Harry, History of Little Pine Valley. History & Genealogy of Little Pine Valley and its Residents. Camp Hill PA, 1992. Privately published.

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