Harmon Family of Chatham County NC

The Harmon family has been traced back to England in the 1600s, but The first ancestor for whom I have much information is George Harrison Harmon, who was born in Virginia in 1778, married Amelia Polk (1782-1824) of Accomack Co. VA in 1803. Sometime after Amelia's death, George is said to have married a woman named Jackie (?) Temple. Jackie is a very unusual name for a woman that early, and I would like to see more documentation for this.

George died in Chatham Co. NC in 1853.

First Generation

Children of George H. Harmon and Amelia Polk
James Henry Harmon (1805-1889?)
William Polk Harmon (1807-1899) m. Mary Leeson, moved to Indiana
Cynthia Ann Harmon (ca. 1809-1868) m. Albert Gean
Sarah C. Harmon (ca. 1814-?) m. Daniel Johnston
Sinah Harmon (ca. 1815-1900) m. Jehu P. Boon
Thomas W. Harmon (1817-1900) m. Mary Jane Mann, moved to Indiana
Roderick Harmon (ca. 1820-?)
Nancy Harmon (ca. 1822-?) m. John Maddox
John Harmon (1824-1825)

Children of George H. Harmon and Jackie Temple
Mary A. Harmon (ca. 1837-?) m. James Chadwick
Elizabeth J. Harmon (ca. 1839-?) m. Nathan S. Boon
Henry Harrison Harmon (1840-?) m. Antoinette Marie Gunter
Julia Bridget Harmon (1843-1924) m. John Merritt Robertson

Some on-line family trees give other names, and impossible dates.


My information on this family is a combination of census and marriage records, and on-line sources, from which I have chosen ones that seemed internally consistent and had documentation. Very little of this is my own research.

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