Harris family of Cabarrus County, NC

Robert Harris was born in County Donegal, Ireland, in 1702, and died in Cabarrus Co. NC in 1788. His first wife was Mary Ann Rodgers. In 1744 he married Margaret McElmore, with whom he came to America soon afterwards. They moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in the mid-1760s. He is sometimes referred to as Col. Robert Harris of Rocky River. This family has been well-researched by others; the following is a summary of only the direct line that interests me.

First Generation

Children of Robert Harris and Mary Ann Rodgers
Jennette Harris
Margaret Harris (1728-) m. William McElvey
Marjorie Harris m. Andrew Boggs

Children of Robert Harris and Margaret McElmore
Robert Harris (1744-1817) m. Eleanor Ross
Mary Harris (1747-1803) m. Alexander Ferguson
William Harris (1755-1828) m. 1) Elizabeth Corzine (1760-1778), 2) Ann Headley (1763-1843)

Second Generation

Child of William Harris and Elizabeth Corzine
William Harris (1777-1815) m. Sallie Snell, moved to Georgia

Children of William Harris and Ann Headley
Ann Harris (b. & d. 1784)
Robert Harris (ca. 1786-1801)
Joshua Harris (1788-1859) m. 1) Elizabeth Ann Allen (1786-1820), 2) Elizabeth Harris (1805-1834), 3) Sarah M. Mehaffey (1802-1838), 4) Susan White (1800-1854), 5) Ann Levina Lingle
Alexander Wilson Harris (1790-1870) m. Penelope Morrison (1797-1859)
Isaac Harris (1792-1815)
Margaret Ross Harris (1795-1879) m. John Quincy Cochran
Isabella Harris (1796-1864) m. Joseph Mehaffey (d. 1853)
Mary Harris (1799-1882) m. John Morrison
Ann Harris (1801-1871) m. Elias Snell
Solomon Harris (1803-1885) m. Jane Merret Phillips (1807-1879)
Josiah Harris (1805-ca. 1876) m. Margaret Mariah Purvians

Third Generation

Children of Solomon Harris and Jane Merret Phillips
Cracida Bernice Harris (1829-1906) m. John H. Brien
William Columbus Harris (1831-1863)
Nathan Leroy Harris (ca. 1832-?)
Alexander Newton Harris (1835-1921) m. Jane Elvira Smith (1837-1909)
John McCamey Wilson Harris (1837-1912)
Milas Edney Harris (1839-1864)
Hannah Elizabeth Amanda Harris (1842-1888) m. Phillip J. Brown

Fourth Generation

Children of Alexander Newton Harris and Jane Elvira Smith
Columbus Wister Harris (1859-1861)
William Edney Harris (1862-1932) m. 1) Fannie Jane Pharr (1863-1892), 2) Minnie Ada Cope (1872-1965)
James Flournoy Harris (1864-1945) m. 1) Bess Lillian Kimmons (1877-1920), 2) Elizabeth Catherine Query (1887-1968)
Joseph Marcus Harris (1870-1964) m. 1) Isabelle Jane Beckman (1861-1920), 2) Mary Catherine Bear (1882-1938), 3) Annie Lee Prillaman (1891-1980)

Fifth Generation

Children of William Edney Harris and Fannie Jane Pharr
Sarah Myrtle Harris (1885-1942) did not marry
James Newton Harris (1887-?) m. Clementine De Costa Sheckel
Samuel Macon Harris (b. & d. 1892)

Children of William Edney Harris and Minnie Ada Cope
Frances Elizabeth Harris (1896-1917) m. Mundie Eugene Woody (1891-1953)
Robert Alexander Harris (1898-1986) m. Margaret Grier Howie (1897-?)
Mary Jane Harris (1900-?) m. George Frederick Stratton
Josie Belle Harris (1903-2001) m. Mundie Eugene Woody (1891-1953)
Margaret Ada Harris (1905-2006) m. Henry Corum Quay (1897-1952)
William Edney Harris (1908-1990) m. 1) Lessie Estelle Savage (1908-1963), 2) Mary Flowe
Victor Flournoy Harris (1910-1999) m. Sadie Margaret Lindsey (1908-1989)
Kathryn Wilson Harris (1913-2002) m. John David Blume (1910-1999)


Ancestors and descendants of Robert Harris, Sr. 1702-1788, compiled by Mary Harris Stratton, printed by Brooks Litho, 1967

Also thanks to Peggy Sue Wilson, Judy Spears and Joe Woody for information on this family.

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