Henson Family of Moore County NC

John Daniel Henson (1861-1950), son of Reuben Manly Henson and Sophia Allred, married Margaret Isabel Person (1863-1951), daughter of Neill Person and Sarah Jones.

First Generation

Children of John Daniel Henson and Margaret Isabel Person
Walter K. Henson (1890-1957)
Maude C. Henson (1892-?) m. John Robert McNeill (1889-1970)
John Henson. Were his dates 1893-1981?
Corinna Henson (1895-?)
Joseph Henson (1896-1918)
Sally Sophia Henson (1898-1988) m. Hugh T. McNeil* (1895-1946)
Dora Henson (1899-?)
Hattie Lea Henson (1901-1983) m. Walter Preddy (1907-1999)
Jeannette Henson (1904-1992)
William McKinley Henson (1908-1976)

*Family members spell Hugh's name as McNeil, but his ancestors seem to have used McNeill.


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