Holbert Family of West Virginia

Correspondents tell me that this family traces back to Michael Holbert and Rosannah Buckley, who married in 1777 in Loudoun Co. VA. Their son Michael Jacob Holbert (1781-1882) married Hannah Maude Veach (1793-1879) in Harrison Co. VA, and settled eventually in Marion Co. VA (now WV). Hannah was the daughter of Benjamin Veach and Mary Ford.

First Generation

Children of Michael Jacob Holbert and Hannah Maude Veach
Benjamin V. Holbert
Mary Holbert
Lydia Holbert (1817-)
Elizabeth Holbert
Thomas Brickley Holbert
Absalom Holbert
James William Holbert (ca. 1824-1900) m. Mary Ellen Selman

Second Generation

Children of James William Holbert and Mary Ellen Selman
Joseph William Holbert (1848-1936) m. Mary Ellen Yoak (1851-1919)
Hannah? F. Holbert (ca. 1852-?). Did she marry Leo Fishback?
Thomas B. Holbert (ca. 1854-?)
Nancy Holbert (ca. 1855-?). Did she marry Warren Johnson?
Lydia Holbert (ca. 1856-?). Did she marry Francis Grim?
Semiramis Holbert (ca. 1858-?) m. James Westfall
Mary Rose Lee Holbert (ca. 1862-?). Did she marry Joseph Snider?
Benjamin Holbert (ca. 1865-?)

This family is reconstructed based on the 1850, 1870 and 1880 census records. I haven't been able to find them in 1860.

The possible spouses are taken from West Virginia marriage records. Most are in Calhoun County, and the dates are reasonable, but I don't have solid proof that they are correct. There are several marriages for men named Thomas B. Holbert, but none in Calhoun Co.

Third Generation

Children of Joseph William Holbert and Mary Ellen Yoak
Lilla M. Holbert (1869-)
Alpheus Levi Holbert (abt. 1871-1934) m. Malinda Metz (1871-1934)
Andrew Jackson Holbert (abt. 1872-1956) m. Mary Orpha Blair (1880-1956)
Nancy J. Holbert (1874-). Did she marry Emery Goff?
Sarah B. Holbert (1877-)
James Ellsworth Holbert (1882-)
Stela D. [Theodosia] Holbert (1887-)
William Dolphin Holbert (1890-)
Mary Ethel Holbert (1893-)

Joseph and Mary Ellen married in 1868 in Calhoun Co. WV. I can't find them in the 1870 census, so this reconstruction of the family is based on the 1880 and 1900 census records.

Alpheus Levi Holbert's birthdate is given in on-line files as 29 Nov 1871, and Andrew Jackson Holbert's appears as 25 Mar 1872. Clearly this won't work if they are brothers. Does anyone know which date (if either) is correct?

Stela D. Holbert appears with her parents in the 1900 census, age 13. She is not with them in 1910. I believe that she is the same person as Theodosia, wife of W.P. Welch, living close to her father in 1920.


I am grateful to to Margaret Pauley, William Grimm Dewell, Pam Wilson, and Tara Mooney for information on this family.

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