Morehouse Family of West Virginia

First Generation

William and Elizabeth Ives Morehouse appear in the 1850 census in Jackson Co. VA (now WV) with a large family. All but the youngest, Caroline, are listed as born in New York, as was William. Elizabeth was born in Vermont. The family below is reconstructed based primarily on the 1850-1870 census records.

Thanks to Don Hughes for Elizabeth's maiden name!

Probable children of William Morehouse and Elizabeth Ives
David Morehouse (ca. 1830-?)
Harriet Morehouse (ca. 1831-?) m. Elijah Dernberger
Mary J. Morehouse (ca. 1833-?) m. Henry Baker
Josiah P. Morehouse (1836-bef. 1930) m. Sarah Safreed
Eliza J. Morehouse (ca. 1837-?)
William H. Morehouse (ca. 1839-bef. 1910) m. Elizabeth Roliff
Warren? Morehouse (ca. 1841-?)
Sarah Morehouse (ca. 1843-?). Did she marry Henry Rowley?
Frances Morehouse (ca. 1845-?). Did she marry John Barnhart?
Cassius M.C. Morehouse (1848-bef. 1910) m. 1) Elizabeth Safreed; 2) Frances M. Baker
Caroline C. Morehouse (1850-?). Did she marry Anclum Staats?
Herbert C. Morehouse (ca. 1855-?)

Second Generation

Children of Josiah Morehouse and Sarah Safreed
Cora A. Morehouse (1881-?)
Elizabeth Morehouse (1882-?)
William Morehouse (1885-aft. 1930) m. Laura, maiden name unknown
Robert Floyd Morehouse (1887-aft. 1920) m. Goldie, maiden name unknown
Cassius Madison Morehouse (1893-aft. 1930)


Children of William H. Morehouse and Elizabeth Roliff
Dexter Jackson Morehouse (ca. 1869-aft. 1920) m. Ettie King
Ellena Morehouse (1872-1949) m. William Washington Kimes
George Morehouse (ca. 1875-aft. 1920) m. Carroll Anderson
Arthur Morehouse (ca. 1881-?) m. Ethel, maiden name unknown
William Morehouse (ca. 1883-?) m. Rosa, maiden name unknown

WorldConnect page that includes Ellena and William W. Kimes and their children


Children of Cassius Morehouse and Frances Baker
Leota Morehouse (1889-?)
Hylan or Highland Morehouse (1892-aft. 1930)
Elisabeth Morehouse (1894-?)
Cassius Hobart Morehouse (1897-1974) m. Anna Amelia Clark (1889-1962)


This family was reconstructed primarily from census and other public records.

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