Phelps Family

First Generation

John Phelps Sr. was an early settler of Goochland County VA. His will (1747) names wife Margaret, sons John, Samuel and William, grandchildren John, Mary, and Sarah, and Dorothy Learwood, whose relationship is not specified.

Is his son John the same John Phelps, with wife Mary, who were in Brunswick Co. VA when Lunenburg County was formed from it? The latter John was one of the first justices of the new county, being present at the first court of Lunenburg County in 1746. When Bedford County was subsequently formed from Lunenberg, he was justice of the peace and a justice of the county court in chancery, and was also a colonel in the colonial army. This John died in Bedford County in 1772.

Second Generation

Children of John and Mary Phelps
Betty Phelps (ca. 1730-?) m. 1) Francis Pollard (ca. 1720-1771);
    2) Harris Toney [error corrected 10/28/07]
Jane Phelps
Judith Phelps
Sarah Phelps
Ann Phelps
Mary Phelps
John Phelps (?-1801) m. 1) Jemima Turner, 2) Susanna Younger (ca. 1759-?)
Aggey Phelps

John's will names his wife, daughters Jane, Judith, Sarah, Ann, Mary, Bettey and Aggey, son John. The abstract, which is all I have seen, does not give married surnames for any of the girls. I've encountered a few researchers who dispute the identity of Betty as the wife of Francis Pollard, but I find the existing evidence persuasive. See for example Bob Smith's Pollard page which cites a transfer of land that Betty inherited from her father, the deed to which was delivered to her by her brother John Phelps.

Third Generation

Children of John Phelps and Jemima Turner
Mary Phelps m. ?? Hall
Jemima Phelps m. Jeremiah Ferguson
Nancy Phelps m. Pleasant Ferguson
John Phelps IV m. Polly Ferguson
James Phelps m. Ruth Grany
Richard Phelps m. Sarah Woodcock
Thomas Phelps m. Nancy Carter
Bethsheba Phelps m. James Grayson
Lucy Phelps m. Robert Haynes
Randolph Phelps
William Phelps m. Rebecca Davis
Washington Phelps

Children of John Phelps and Susanna Younger
Jane Phelps m. Parmenas Haynes Jr.
Overton Phelps
Robert Phelps m. Martha White
Glenn Phelps m. Harriet Key
Elizabeth Phelps m. John Oliver


Personal communications from Christie Ferguson Cirone, Clifford Dean Younger, Marilyn Brien, Mary Galgan, Gordon Merritt and others.

Ackerly, Mary Denham, and Lula Eastman Jeter Parker (1930). "Our Kin", The Genealogies of Some of the Early Families Who Made History in the Founding and Development of Bedford County Virginia. J.P. Bell Inc., Lynchburg VA

Additional Resources

PHELPS DNA project

James Phelps of Caswell Co. NC
This well-documented page by Doug Phelps examines the evidence for and against many possible ancestries for James Phelps of Caswell Co. NC. John Phelps of Goochland Co. is among those considered (but dismissed).

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