Sicker Family

First Generation

Lewis Sicker is said to have been born about 1738 in Germany and to have married a woman named Fratt (see below). I believe that they are the same couple as the Lodowyk Sicker and wife Christina Vretje who were parents of a child baptized at the First Dutch Reformed church in Albany NY in 1768.

Second Generation

Lewis was the father of John Sicker, who married Charlotte Kerker, daughter of Hendrik Kerker and Charlotte Craff, on 12 Nov 1800, First Dutch Reformed, Albany NY.

Third Generation

John Henry Sicker was born 25 Aug 1819 in Albany Co. NY, and died 9 Jun 1900 in Coschocton Co. OH, where he is buried in a family cemetery.

Sicker family cemetery, Coshocton Co. OH. From Hill, History of Coshocton County Ohio (see below)

"John H. Sicker, Linton township, farmer, b. August 25, 1819 in Albany Co. NY, son of John Sicker and Charlotte Kirker, grandson of Lewis Sicker and Margaret Fratt, and of Henry Kirker and Margaret Campbell. His grandmother Kirker was from Holland, his other grandparents from Germany. His grandfather Sicker, born in Wittemburg , Germany, crossed the ocean at seventeen years of age, about 1755, as a German soldier in the English service, and served in the Canadian war. By permission of his general he remained here, working on a farm in Schenectady County, New York; while there his employer sent him with two slaves to a Mr. Fratt, in Albany County. Fratt invited him to remain over Sunday; he stayed, loved and married his daughter. In 1835 Mr. Sicker moved with his parents to Linton township, and has lived here since. In 1839 he married Jane Rodruck, daughter of Lewis Rodruck. Children living [1881] are Charlotte, Margaret J., Rebecca, John L., Anna, Elmira, and Alice."

I am dubious about Henry Kerker's wife's name being Margaret CAMPBELL if she was really Dutch.

Fourth Generation

Children of John Henry Sicker and Jane Rodruck (Roderick)
Sarah Charlotte Sicker (ca. 1841?-1923) m. Frederick Cashbaugh
Margaret Jane Sicker (1843-1924) m. 1) Daniel Meeks Anderson (1833-1910), 2) John Hubbard, 3) Nathan Keist
Rebecca Sicker (ca. 1845-?) m. Jeremiah Hallisy
John L. Sicker (1847-1936) m. Harriet Spangler (1845-?)
Anna (Elizabeth?) Sicker (ca. 1851-?)
Elmira Sicker (ca. 1853-?)
Alice or Zelpha Sicker (1855-1927) m. Robert McClure
Charles M. Sicker (ca. 1857-before 1881?)


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Bahmer, William J. Centennial History of Coshocton Co. [Ohio] 1909, S.J. Clarke Publ. Co., Chicago information on Sicker family in vol. II, p. 138

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