[photo of child]Smith Family of Randolph County NC

First Generation

David Smith was born in 1720 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County Virginia, the son of William and Mary Smith. William's will, dated 1742, names David, William and Samuel. David married Ann Bryant, daughter of John and Ann Bryant and also of this parish, before 1747. David and Ann appear to have moved to Frederick Co. VA around 1749, and to Loudoun Co. VA in 1759. In 1765 they moved to what is now Randolph Co. NC. Ann's brother John Bryant, and perhaps her brother Peter Bryant, also moved to Randolph County.

Second Generation

Children of David Smith and Ann Bryant
William Smith (1743-?)
Alexander Smith (1747-1828) m. Keziah Lamar (1754-1838)
David Smith
*John Smith
Joseph Smith (d. 1805) m. Mary Robbins
Eleanor Smith (1757-1837) m. William Millikan (1753-1838)
Bryant Smith (1762-?) m. Molly Bryant, his first cousin; she was d/o Ann's brother Peter Bryant
Margaret Smith m. Thomas White
Nancy (Ann) Smith

The Southern Smiths DNA project (see below) also lists a son George, born about 1750.

Previously I had stated that John Smith died about 1796 in Randolph Co. NC. Lee Bain has provided convincing evidence that David and Ann's son John moved to Jefferson Co. TN and died there in 1819.

Third Generation

Children of Alexander Smith and Keziah Lamar
Leanna Smith (1773-?) m. Joseph Robbins
Eleanor Smith (1774-1825) m. Jonas Ricks
Elizabeth Smith (1776-?) m. Benjamin Frazier
Mary Smith (1779-1852) m. Samuel Gray (1778-1856)
Lydia Smith (1782-1852) m. Manlove Horney
Valinda Smith (1784-1870) m. Samuel Wood (1783-1862)
Nancy Smith (1787-?) m. Samuel Walker
Keziah Smith (1790-?) m. Jeffrey Horney
Martha (Patsey) Smith (1792-1871) m. Philip Horney

Alexander Smith married Keziah Lamar in 1772, and served as a private in the Continental Army, and is listed in the DAR Patriot records. His estate was divided equally among his nine daughters.


Thanks to Donna Dressler-Miller, John German and William C. Hill, who also cited Jane Kyhl Beekman, for information on David Smith and Ann Bryant and their parents.

I am also indebted to Donald Milton Ricks, CGRS, for information on his ancestor Eleanor Smith Ricks and her descendants. See his home page for more information.

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Gray/Grey Lines newsletter, edited by Mary Lou House

Shaw, Jesse Owen (1955). The Johnsons and Their Kin of Randolph.

Randolph County NC census records, 1850-1880

Additional Resources

Southerns Smiths DNA project

This project is focused specifically on Smith families of the southeastern U.S.

As of February 10, 2008, one sample from this family group has been analyzed, a descendant of George Smith, said to be a son of David Smith and Ann Bryant

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