Trogdon Family of Randolph Co. NC

Contrary to claims made in a book published in 1926, the progenitor of this family is NOT William Troughton born in 1722 in Ulverston, Lancashire. This issue, and what facts can be verified, are discussed in the Trogdon Homepage site.

A William Trogdon appears on the tax list in 1755 in Orange County NC, parent county of Randolph. He may be the William Trogdon said to have been killed by Tories in 1783, but this has not been confirmed.

A William Trogdon, provisionally identified as William II, died in Randolph County in 1805; the Trogdon site has an image of his will. The will names five sons and mentions his wife but doesn't give her name.

First Generation

Children of William Trogdon d. 1805
Samuel Trogdon (1751-?) m. 1) Abigail Julian, 2) Elizabeth Swaim
Ezekiel Trogdon (1754-ca. 1840) moved to Tennessee
Solomon Trogdon (ca. 1760-1826) m. Tabitha York (1765-1860)
John Trogdon (ca. 1762-?) m. Mary Duncan
William Trogdon (ca. 1767-ca. 1830)

Second Generation

Children of Samuel Trogdon and Abigail Julian
Catherine Trogdon (1771-1866) m. Abraham Hammer (1771-1850)
William Trogdon (1774-1864) m. 1) Mary Odell, 2) Elizabeth Gilliam (1778-1849)
Rachel Trogdon (ca. 1777-?)
Isaac Trogdon (1780-?) m. Elizabeth Redding
Samuel Trogdon (1783-1853) m. Susan Ferree (1788-1843)
Uriah Trogdon (ca. 1790-?) m. Deborah Morgan
Abigail Trogson (1793-1881) m. Abner Lamb
Mary Trogdon (1794-1890) m. Joel Ferree

Third Generation

Children of William Trogdon and Mary Odell
Catherine Trogdon (ca. 1798-?)
Samuel Trogdon (1799-1859) m. Jane Hendricks

Children of William Trogdon and Elizabeth Gilliam
Patience Trogdon (ca. 1806-?) m. Charles Payne
Uriah Trogon (1807-1865) m. Rebecca Walker, moved to Kansas
Mary Trogdon (ca. 1809-?)
Sarah Trogdon (ca. 1811-?)
Rebecca Trogdon (ca. 1813-1833) m. Zebedee Hinshaw
John Trogdon (1814-1884) m. Isabel Hardin, moved to Missouri
William T. Trogdon (1815-1887) moved to Kansas
Abijah Trogdon (1817-1994) m. 1) Alley Lowdermilk, 2) Penelope Macon
Abigail Trogdon (1819-1899)
Joel Trogdon (1821-1897) m. Anna Margaret Fox

Fourth Generation

Children of Abijah Trogdon and Alley Lowdermilk
Ancelas H. Trogdon (ca. 1843-?) [appears in 1850 as Anelett, female]
Kelly Harrison Trogdon (ca. 1844-?)
Sarah A. Trogdon (ca. 1846-?)
Ada Jane Trogdon (ca. 1849-?)
Artemishie Adelaide Trogdon (ca. 1853-?) m. Henry Thomas Bray


My information on the early generations comes primarily from on-line sources, in particular the sites linked below. Fortunately, this family has been well-researched in Randolph County. Beginning with Abijah Trogdon, I've used census and other public records to supplement what I found on line.

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