First Generation

Henry Birdsall was born in England, and died about 1651 in Salem MA. I've been told that he arrived in Boston in 1632, and was listed as a widower on arrival, but I don't have copies of whatever original papers document this statement.

There are many on-line files giving Henry's ancestry, but they offer conflicting information regarding his birthplace and the names of his parents. The Birdsall Family, by George A. Birdsall (1964) suggests that he was the son of the Henry Birdsall who wrote his will in 1625 and died in 1631 in Yorkshire. There are conflicting files however that give his father's name as Edmund, and that say he was from Norwich in Norfolk. Since I've seen very little solid documentation or original research, I hesitate to repeat the details of any of this information here. If anyone has researched this family thoroughly, I would appreciate knowing about it.

Henry had at least two children, Judith who married Henry Cook, and Nathan, who moved to Long Island and from whom most American Birdsalls descend.

Nathan's family is also discussed in The Frost Genealogy, which was published by Josephine C. Frost in 1912, and is available on line through Google Books.

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