Cook Family

First Generation

Henry Cook was born about 1615 in England, and was in Salem MA by 1639 when he married Judith Birdsall. There are quite a few files on line naming his parents as Edmund Cook and Elizabeth Nicholls of "DeNorthclay, Kent" but I can find no such place in a list of towns and villages in Kent. A Google search for just "DeNorthclay" brings up nothing but genealogical files about the Cook family. I am therefore dubious about the existence of this place and also his parents' names. Does anyone have any real documentation?

Second Generation

Children of Henry Cook and Judith Birdsall
Isaac Cook (1640-abt 1692)
Samuel Cook (1641-1703
Judith Cook (1643-?)
Rachel Cook (1645-1740)
John Cook (1647-abt 1716)
Henry Cook (b. & d. 1648)
Mary Cook (1649-?)
Martha Cook (1649-?)
Henry Cook (1652-1705) m. Mary Hall (1654-1718)
Elizabeth Cook (b. & d. 1654)
Hannah Cook (1658-?)

The marriage of Henry and Mary Hall was recorded in Salem MA in 1678, but there is some evidence that he was already living in Wallingford CT by then.

Third Generation

Children of Henry Cook II and Mary Hall
Mary Cook (1678-?)
Jane Cook (abt. 1681-?)
Henry Cook (1683-?) m. 1) Experience Lyman, 2) Mary Frost, 3) Sarah Turner
John Cook (abt. 1685-1761)
Hannah Cook (abt. 1688-1768)
Isaac Cook (abt. 1692-?)
Elizabeth Cook (b. & d. 1694) Elizabeth Cook (abt. 1696-?)
Jonathan Cook (abt. 1698-?)
David Cook (abt. 1701-1766)
Jebediah Cook (abt. 1793-abt. 1770)

Henry III moved moved from Wallingford to Waterbury CT in 1728, and is recorded as living "near the line of Litchfield."

Fourth Generation

Children of Henry Cook III and Mary Frost
Jonathan Cook (1712-?)
Phoebe Cook (abt. 1714-?)) m. Zerubbabel Jerome after her sister's death
Sarah Cook (1716-1737) m. Zerubbabel Jerome.

Zerubbabel and Sarah had a daughter Mary born in 1737, and Sarah died soon afterwards. In 1738 he married Sarah's sister Phoebe, with whom he had 10 children as indicated on my Jerome page.

Does anyone have a death date for Phoebe?


My primary reference for this family was Donald Lines Jacobus, Families of Ancient New Haven. Readers should NOT rely on the book History of Wallingford, by Charles Davis (1870), which also includes the Cook family. The genealogical sections of that book are full of errors.

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