Blackwell Family of Massachusetts

First Generation

Michael Blackwell was born about 1620 and was in Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA by 1643. His wife's name is unknown. He appears to have had at least four children, but a birth record exists for only one of them, a son Michael born in 1648.

Second Generation

Michael's son John Blackwell was born about 1646, and married Sarah Warren, a granddaughter of the Mayflower immigrant Richard Warren.

Third Generation

Desire Blackwell (1678-1773) was the third of John and Sarah's children. She married Lettice Jenney, son of Samuel Jenney and Ann Lettice.


Plymouth and Cape Cod genealogy site, by Harry C. Hadaway, Jr., on WorldConnect

This site has an excellent discussion of the primary records documenting the Blackwell family, including the possibility that Michael Blackwell and Myles Black, who appears in a 1643 list of men able to bear arms, are the same person.

There are also other genealogies of this family on line.


Blackwell DNA project
Test results from a descendant of Michael Blackwell place this family in haplogroup J2b, which is relatively unusual in the British Isles.


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