Jenney Family of Massachusetts

First Generation

John Jenney, born in Norwich, Norfolk, about 1585, married Sarah Carey in 1614 in Leiden, The Netherlands. They immigrated to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1623, on the Little James. The Jenney family has been traced further back in Norwich.

Second Generation

It was recorded that Sarah Carey Jenney gave birth to a son on the voyage, but on line files are inconsistent as to whether this was their son Samuel, or if Samuel was born a few years earlier, in Leiden. Samuel married twice, first to Susanna Wood, and second to Ann Lettice, who was the mother of several children, including a son Lettice Jenney. I have also found inconsistencies in the birth and death dates of both wives, and of their children. I haven't researched this family myself, and don't know which family histories are accurate.

Third Generation

Lettice Jenney married Desire Blackwell, with whom he had a large family. They lived in Bristol, Massachusetts.

Fourth Generation

Sarah Jenney married Simpson Spooner in 1724 in Bristol.


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