Bray families of Randolph Co. NC

There are lots of Brays in Randolph and neighboring counties in North Carolina, but I haven't had much success in making all the connections yet. I'm following two different familes that converge with a marriage in the 1890s, and don't know much about the early history of either. Sarah Elizabeth Bray's daughter Cary Bray married Hardy Brown. Hardy and Cary's son Benjamin F. Brown married Ometa Allie Bray, whose father was Henry Thomas Bray. Please follow this link for more information on him.

Sarah Elizabeth Bray

Sarah Elizabeth Bray was born about 1808, probably in Randolph Co. NC. She appears in the 1850-1870 Randolph Co. census records as Elizabeth Bray, but is named in family records as Sarah Elizabeth. Who were her parents?

First Generation

Children of (Sarah) Elizabeth Bray
Wincy Bray (ca. 1830-?)
Cary Bray (1836-1914) m. Hardy Brown (1812-1904)
John Wesley Bray (ca. 1841-?) m. Sarah A. Hussey (ca. 1845-?)
Mary Jane Bray (1843-after 1860)
Nathan Bray (ca. 1847-?) probably the Nathan Bray who m. Lucy Hussey in 1877

Chrisco researchers think John Chrisco (1817-1897) was the father of Cary, John Wesley and Mary Jane. He's probably a little too young to be the likely father of Wincy (whose estimated birthdate based on census records ranges from 1827-1833), and I don't know what the arguments are, if any, that he was not the father of Nathan. He is living quite close to Elizabeth Bray in 1850. See Criscos Rowdy Friends for more information.

I can't find Elizabeth Bray in the 1880 census, and assume therefore that she probably died between 1870 and 1880.

Second Generation

Probable child of Wincy Bray
Servila or Savilia Bray (ca. 1854-?)

Servila is age 6 in 1860, living with Elizabeth and Wincy. In 1870 she's Savilia, age 16. While it's possible she is Elizabeth's youngest child, Wincy seems more likely as her mother. Nathan Bray age 12 is also in the household.


Children of John Wesley Bray and Sarah Hussey
Mary E. Bray (ca. 1869-?)
Lydia A. Bray (ca. 1871-?)
Martha J. Bray (1873-?)
Daniel Yancy Bray (ca. 1874-?)
Carie Emily Bray (ca. 1877-?)
Ida Bray (1879-?)
Ada Bray (1879-?)
Robert Bray (1886-?)

Ages are estimated from the 1880 census, Browers township, Randolph Co. NC.

In 1900 Wesley is a widower. With him are Martitia and Artimitia, both age 20, daughters. Presumably these are the twins Ida and Ada from the 1880 census, but I don't know which is which. Robert age 14 is also in the household.


Children of Nathan Bray and Lucy Hussey
Polly A. Bray
Kendrick Bray
James H. Bray

The 1880 and 1900 census records are inconsistent on the ages of these children.

I don't have proof that Nathan Bray who m. Lucy Hussey is the same Nathan as Elizabeth's son, but it seems likely. If anyone has proof of this relationship, e.g. the actual marriage license showing the names of his parents, I would be grateful for a copy.

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