Brown family of Randolph Co. NC

My information on the early generations in this family came from Betty Brown, in 2002. She in turn credited the late Mr. Arlie Brown of Seagrove NC. Arlie Brown's research was included by James Butler in his book "Your Family and Mine," published in 1986. It can be found in the Randolph Room in the public library in Asheboro NC.

Arlie Brown documented Henry Brown in New Jersey in 1729 and showed that he later moved to Augusta Co. VA, where he died about 1757. Henry's wife was named Esther. They were the parents of Daniel Brown, who was born about 1720, and died in 1791. Daniel married Grace Thompson (1730-1811).

Daniel and Grace were parents of another Henry, who married Mary Smith. I begin the generational section of this page with Henry and Mary's son Joshua Brown, who married Mary Rains, and died about 1821. He died intestate, but estate records at the NC Archives in Raleigh document his four children.

First Generation

Children of Joshua Brown and Mary Rains
Hardy Brown (1812-1904) m. 1) Polly Needham (?), 2) Cary Bray (1836-1914)
William Brown (ca. 1815-?)
Joshua Brown (ca. 1820-?)
Sarah Brown (ca. 1821-?)

After Joshua Brown's death, Mary Rains had four daughters (Cynthia, Martha, Rebecca and Margaret. Their father is unknown.)

Second Generation

This Hardy Brown is sometimes confused with another man of the same name, born about 1809, who married Elizabeth Moffitt in 1830 in Randolph Co. NC. They are living in Randolph Co. in 1850 with the following children: Joseph 18, Margaret 16, Hugh 14, William 11, Benjamin 7, Louisa 5, and Julius 3/12.

Children of Hardy Brown and Polly Needham
Elizabeth Brown (ca. 1834-?)
Sarah Brown (ca. 1836-?)
William Brown (ca. 1838-?) m. Telitha ?
Adeline or Adelia Brown (ca. 1840-?) m. William Sanders
Joshua Brown (ca. 1842-?)
Mary Brown (ca. 1844-?)
Levisa Brown (ca. 1846-?)
John Keer? (or Kees?) Brown (ca. 1848-?)
Reuben Brown (1849?-?)

In 1850 the youngest child is a boy 0 years old. It looks as though his first name is Wm., but note that there's already a son William, age 12. I initially read his middle name as Hirt, but makes it West. This child isn't with the family in 1860 (nor are Levisa and John).

In 1860 there is a boy Reuben, age 12, and he's 21 in 1870, 30 in 1880 and 51 in 1900 (still living with his father, and listed as having been born in April 1849). A Reuben Brown died in Randolph Co. in November 1925, born 1851.

Is Reuben one of the little boys in 1850, or was he really born in 1851?
Although the last two boys' names in 1850 are questionable, neither looks at all like Reuben.

Hardy Brown married Cary Bray in 1856.

Children of Hardy Brown and Cary Bray
Lydia Ann Brown (ca. 1857-1931) m. James M. Marley
Cary Emily Brown (1858-?)
Joseph M. Brown (ca. 1861-1929?). Did he marry Emily Spinks in 1885?
Artimitia Brown (1862-1938) m. G.W. Teague
Ada J. Brown (ca. 1870-1932) m. Joseph Yow
Benjamin F. Brown (1871-1954) m. Ometa Allie Bray (1874-1919)
Ella or Ellen Brown (1875-?)
Walter L. (Bud) Brown (1877-?)
Cora A. Brown (1880-?)
Jennie Brown (1882?-1969?) m. Orlendo Yow

In 1900, Cary says she is the mother of 9 children, of whom 8 are living. In that census the youngest child in the family is Jennie age 18. The others in this list are from the 1880 census. Is Jennie the same child as Cora, who was born in March 1880 according to that census? or were there 10 children rather than 9? I can account for the eight children who survived her (see the obituary below). The ones not accounted for are Cary Emily and Cora A.

Cary Bray Brown's obituary:

Asheboro Courier, 7 Jan 1915
A Good Mother Gone
Mrs. Cary Brown died at Morganton, Dec. 31, aged 78 years of heart trouble and was brought to her old home and buried in the family graveyard on Jan. 2, among a large concourse of friends and relatives. She leaves eight children who were all present at the burial. Her children are as follows: Messrs. Joe M. and B.F. Brown and Mrs. G.W. Teague, Mrs. Joe Yow and Mrs. Orlendo Yow, of this community and Mrs. James Marley and Miss Ellen Brown of Siler City, and Mr. W.L. Brown, of Hamlet. She was converted in early life and joined the M.E. Church south at Mt. Olivet, later removing to Fork Creek. She was a good mother and kind neighbor. One of her missions being to visit the sick and look after the poor. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. H.A. Albright at the residence. May the peace of God comfort the loved ones.

- A Friend

Third Generation

Children of Benjamin F. Brown and Ometa Allie Bray
George C. Brown (1897-1966)
Viola Adelaide Brown (1898-1976) m. John Wesley Monroe (1887-1964)

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