Monroe Family of Moore County NC

Malcolm Monroe (1773-1853) is the first well-documented ancestor in this line. The name of his first wife is unknown; his second wife (m. 1801) was Margaret Black. Malcolm and Margaret moved from Moore Co. NC to Talledega Co. AL, as did most of their children. This page focuses on descendants of their son John Monroe, who remained in NC.

First Generation

Children of Malcolm Monroe and his first wife
Colin A. Monroe (1795-?) moved to Alabama
Archibald Monroe (1798-1881) moved to Alabama

Children of Malcolm Monroe and Margaret Black
John Monroe (1802-1877) m. Mary Deaton (1808-1896)
Duncan Monroe (1806-1896) moved to Georgia
Francis Monroe (1807-1864) remained in Moore Co. NC
James A. Monroe (1810-?) moved to Alabama
Catherine Monroe (1814-?) moved to Alabama

More information on the Alabama families is available on the Monroe Genealogy site

Second Generation

Children of John Monroe and Mary Deaton
James Hamilton Monroe (1832-1833)
Amanda Jane Monroe (1834-1914) m. Henry B. Currie
Malcolm L.J. Monroe (1835-aft. 1879) m. Mary Ann Miller
Benjamin Franklin Monroe (1837-1916) m. Mary Jane Brewer
Andrew Jackson Monroe (b. & d. 1839)
Levi Deaton Monroe (1840-1865)
Mary Catherine Monroe (1843-1880) m. Elijah Sheffield
William Johnson Monroe (1844-1864)
John Calhoun Monroe (1846-1932) m. Margaret Elizabeth Seawell (1860-1919)
Lauchlin A. Monroe (1848-?) m. Molli Williams
Robert Walker Monroe (1850-?)
Sarah Ann Monroe (1853-?)

Third Generation

Children of John Calhoun Monroe and Margaret Elizabeth Seawell
Mary Alice Monroe (1880-1965) m. William F. Smith
Nettie Monroe (1882?-1970) m. Benjamin F. Brown
William Talmage Monroe (1884-1937)
Robert Monroe (1885-1887)
John Wesley Monroe (1887-1964) m. Viola Adelaide Brown
Archibald Alexander Monroe (1888-1889)
Daniel A. Monroe (1890-1960)
Amanda Jane Monroe (1892-1986) m. P. Heywood Smith
Lauchlin Deaton Monroe (1895-1972)
Claude Monroe (1898-1969)
Ellis Fairley Monroe (1903-1975)

There was one more child who died young; I believe her name was Betty, but I don't have dates for her.


Donald Monroe's Monroe Genealogy of Cumberland, Moore and Robeson County, NC
This is an extensive site with lots of original documents - highly recommended!

I also used census records, and several family sites on and WorldConnect for dates for John C. Monroe's children.

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