Seawell Family of Moore County NC

The Seawell family, sometimes spelled Sewell or Sowell, came to Moore County from Virginia by way of eastern NC. The immigrant ancestor is said to be Thomas Sewell, who was born about 1597 in England and died in 1649 in Sewell's Point. VA. His wife's name may have been Mercy.

Richard Seawell (ca. 1690-1747), presumed to be a descendant of Thomas, lived in Chowan Co. NC with his wife Martha Oliver. Their son Obediah Seawell (ca. 1715-1777) moved to Moore County NC. His wife was Mary Raynor.

First Generation

Children of Obediah Seawell and Mary Raynor
Isaac Seawell (ca. 1740-ca. 1782) m. Mary Quimby
Obediah Seawell
Zadoc Seawell
Lewis Seawell

There may have been other children.

Second Generation

Children of Isaac Seawell and Mary Quimby
Jesse Seawell m. Nancy Ritter
Winniford Seawell (d. 1841) m. James Smith
John Seawell (1762-1825) m. Elizabeth Stanford
Margaret Seawell (ca. 1763-aft. 1850) m. Thomas Ritter
Demsey Seawell (1766-?)
Ann Seawll (1768-1840) m. William Barrett
William Abihu Seawell moved to Kingston AL
Asa Seawell (1779-1840) m. Katie Muse

Third Generation

Children of John Seawell and Elizabeth Stanford
Catherine Seawell (ca. 1786-?)
Isham Seawell (1789-1848) m. Isabella McNeill (1790-1874)
Isaac Seawell (1789-1849) moved to Cherokee Co. AL; twin of Isham
John Seawell (1792-1854) moved to Georgia
Thomas Jefferson Seawell (1794-1865) moved to Tennessee
Aaron Seawell (ca. 1798-?)
Jesse Quimby Seawell (1801-1855) moved to Missouri

It bothers me that this family scattered to such diverse locations. I would like solid documentation that these really are all one family. Especially worrisome is the fact that Elizabeth Stanford is said to have been born in Tennessee, yet their children were all born in Moore Co. NC.

In any case, Isham Seawell did remain in Moore County, and it's his family that I'm concerned with here.

Fourth Generation

Children of Isham Seawell and Isabella McNeill
Elizabeth Seawell m. Alexander McKenzie
Wesley Fairley Seawell (1825-1894) m. Christian McKenzie (1823-1896)
Simon McNeill Seawell (1829-1909) m. Lovedy McKenzie (1827-1910)
John Seawell m. Nancy McKenzie
William R. Seawell (1815-1850) m. Martha McIntosh
Daniel Newton Seawell

As indicated on the McKenzie page, Alexander, Christian and Lovedy McKenzie were siblings. I don't know who Nancy McKenzie's parents were; she could possibly be a sister of these three.

Fifth Generation

Children of Wesley Fairley Seawell and Christian McKenzie
John Gaston Seawell (1853-1917) m. Corinna Jane McNair (1850-1926)
Annie Isabel Seawell (1854-?)
Mary J. Seawell (1855-1856)
Simon Phillip Seawell (1856-?)
William Martin Seawell (1859-?)
Margaret Elizabeth Seawell (1860-1919) m. John Calhoun Monroe (1846-1932)
Daniel Seawell (1861-?)
Lydia Katherine Seawell
Amanda Seawell (1865-?). Did she marry someone named Green?


Various on-line family trees, mostly undocumented.

"A guide to Moore County Cemeteries, complied by Anthony E. Parker, published by The Moore County Historical Society.

Family records (for Wesley and Christian).

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