McNeill Families of Moore County NC

I have two different connections to McNeills in Moore County NC, both tracing back to a Hector McNeill. The problem is, EVERY McNeill family seems to have a son named Hector. I think these are two different people but am not certain yet. I do think the two families must be related somehow.

First Generation: the two Hector McNeills

Children of Hector McNeill and Isabella Murchison
Isabella McNeill (1790-1874) m. Isham Seawell (1789-1848)
Nancy McNeill m. John McKenzie

Isabella and Nancy's descendants are continued on the Seawell and McKenzie pages.

Child of Hector McNeill and Gensie (??)
Daniel McNeill (1792-1869) m. Rachel Smith

Second Generation

Children of Daniel McNeill and Rachel Smith
Archibald McNeill (1818-1880) m. Jennet Brewer (1820-1908)
Alexander McNeill (ca. 1823-?)

Third Generation

Children of Archibald McNeill and Jennet Brewer
Mary Ann McNeill (1842-1908) m. Isham Sanders (1834-1923)
Elizabeth McNeill (1844-1910) m. Kelly Williamson
John Robert McNeill (1847-1933) m. Elizabeth Key
Wincie Jane McNeill (1850-1892) m. Robert S. Gordon
Margaret Emberline McNeill (1853-1902) m. William Wesley Key
James McNeill (ca. 1855-?)
Lydia Martha McNeill (1856-1903) m. James Madison Williams
Celia Frances McNeill (1859-1911) m. M. Thomas Yow
Alexander McNeill (1861-1899) m. Ann Wallace (1868-1896)
Amanda Ann Maude McNeill (1865-1950) m. George W. Brown

Fourth Generation

Children of Alexander McNeill and Ann Wallace
Hattie J. McNeill (1886-1945) m. George B. Davis
Archie D. McNeill (1887-1965)
Virgil L. McNeill (1891-1892)
Nettie F. McNeill (1892-1893)
Hugh T. McNeill (1895-1946) m. Sally Sophia Henson (1898-1988)

As indicated here, Alexander and Ann both died before 1900, and their three surviving children were taken in by relatives.

In 1900, Hattie was living with Kelly and Elizabeth Williamson; Archie and Hugh are with Lydia and James Williams (see Third Generation above).

By 1910 Hattie was married to George Davis, and her brother Hugh was living with them.


Census and other public records
Various on-line family trees, mostly undocumented.

Cemetery records, Brown's Chapel Christian Church, Moore Co. NC.

Family records.

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