Wallace Family of Moore County NC

My information on this family, except for the last generation, which is speculative, comes primarily from Morgan Jackson's WorldConnect site, entitled "Wallace and related families of Moore County, NC". This site has now been replaced by The Wallace Family of Moore County NC. It's a first-rate web site - do visit it! The page on Everet Wallace on this site provides a great deal more detail than I have included here.

First Generation

Everet Wallace was born about 1770 and died about 1845. He appears in census records in Moore County from 1790 through 1840. Land records place him near what is now the town of Robbins. The 1846 Moore County tax lists names a Caty Wallace, possibly his widow. It's been suggested that his wife's maiden name was Catherine Horner.

Second Generation

Everet's son Isham Wallace (1801-1882) is also well-documented on Morgan Jackson's site. He married Nancy Furr, who survived him.

Third Generation

Isham and Nancy Wallace were the parents of 14 children, of whom the next to last was Virgil Spinks "Byrd" Wallace (1846?-1917). His death certificate gives his birthdate as August 10, 1849, but he is listed as 4 years old in the 1850 census, with a younger brother John age 2 months.

"Byrd" Wallace married Regina Hunsucker before 1870. She was the daughter of George Hunsucker and Elizabeth Williams, and must have died sometime between 1888, the birth year of her last known child, and 1898, when he married Flora Ann Garner.

Fourth Generation

"Byrd" and Regina had 10 children (and he had 8 more with Flora, whom I'm not listing here). This list is taken from Morgan Jackson's page.

Vann Wallace (?-before 1870 census?)
William B. Wallace (1867-aft. 1880)
Lovedy A. Wallace - please see Fifth Generation below
John Morrison Wallace (1871-aft. 1880)
Lovena Wallace (1874-aft. 1880)
Hattie L. Wallace (1876-1905) m. George Dock Williams
Martha Elizabeth Wallace (1879-1947) m. George Sanderlin Deaton
Isham Wallace (1882-1962) m. 1) Bertha Hall, 2) Flora Britt
Lula Florence Wallace (1886-1915) m. Charles B. Williams
Burney Leason Wallace (1888-1955) m. Bessie Lee Needham

Fifth Generation

The mystery begins here:

Lovedy A. Wallace was probably named for her aunt Lovedy Jane Wallace, daughter of Isham and Nancy. She is age 1 in the 1870 census, age 11 in the 1880, and does not appear in 1900. I have been unable to find a marriage or death record for her as Lovedy or any variant of that spelling.

I have a hunch that she is the same person as Ann Wallace, born 9 Sep 1868, died 9 Oct 1896, buried at Brown's Chapel Christian Church in Moore County. Ann married Alexander McNeill (1861-1899).

Unless she's the same child as Lovedy A., I can't find Ann as a child in the 1870 census in Moore County. In 1880, there is an Annie Wallace age 14, daughter of a William and Jane Wallace, who can be identified as Celia Ann, daughter of William J. Wallace and Elizabeth Jane Horner. The age doesn't match Ann's known birthdate of September 1868, but since I can't identify Celia in the 1900 census either, or find a death certificate, I can't absolutely rule her out.

Alexander and Ann Wallace McNeill had five children (also listed on my McNeill page):

Hattie J. McNeill (1886-1945) m. George B. Davis
Archie D. McNeill (1887-1965)
Virgil L. McNeill (1891-1892)
Nettie F. McNeill (1892-1893)
Hugh T. McNeill (1895-1946) m. Sally Sophia Henson (1898-1988)

Note especially that there was a son named Virgil, who died as a baby. That's not a very common name, and it's therefore the primary basis for my guess that Ann Wallace McNeill was Virgil and Regina's daughter.

Can anyone confirm or disprove this hypothesis?

Does anyone have a will or an obituary for Virgil Spinks Wallace, who died 1 Aug 1917? If he was Ann's father, her children might be named.

Additional Resources

The Wallace Family of Moore County NC

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