McKenzie Family of Moore County NC

Hugh McKenzie was reportedly born on the Isle of Skye before 1745, and died in Greenville SC after 1776. I have no documentation for this, or any knowledge of where he went in between, but I suppose the path must have gone through Moore County. Hugh's wife is said to have been Margaret Nicholson.

Hugh and Margaret are thought to be the parents of John McKenzie who married Nancy McNeill, daughter of Hector McNeill and Isabelle Murchison.

Can anyone confirm these statements and add more information?

First Generation

Children of John McKenzie and Nancy McNeill
Christian McKenzie (1823-1896) m. Wesley Fairley Seawell (1825-1894)
Alexander McKenzie m. Elizabeth Seawell (Wesley's sister)
Lovedy McKenzie (1827-1910) m. Simon McNeill Seawell (brother of Wesley and Elizabeth)


"A guide to Moore County Cemeteries, complied by Anthony E. Parker, published by The Moore County Historical Society.

Family records (for Christian and Wesley) and various on-line family trees.

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