Brock Family

First Generation

Enoch Brock (1782-1861) was the son of Nathaniel Brock and Mary Huddleston of Princess Anne Co. VA. He married Sarah Etheridge (1786-1830) in 1804, the daughter of James Etheridge and Mary Williams. In 1808 or 1809 Enoch and Sarah, his parents and other relatives moved to Rowan (now Davie) County. Quite a few other families made the same move in the early 19th century, from coastal Virginia or adjacent Currituck Co. NC. A plausible explanation is that there were several years of severe hurricane damage on the coast, and that these families wanted to make a fresh start far enough west to escape this threat.

Second Generation

Children of Enoch Brock and Sarah Etheridge
Daniel E. Brock m. Catherine Cornell
Mary Brock (1808-?)
James Nathaniel Brock (1810-1886) m. 1) Mariah Maxwell (1814-1849), 2) Margaret Ann Cuthrell (1818-1910), widow of John Hudson Chinn
Nathaniel Taylor Brock (1812-1873) m. Clarissa Smith (1816-1883), d/o Levi Kitely Smith and Martha Holden
Enoch Silver Brock (1815-?) moved to Weakley Co. TN
Sally E. Brock (1817-?)
Francis M. Brock (1819-?)
William Harrison Brock (1822-1890) m. 1) Eliza Allen, 2) Sallie C. Shouse; moved to Weakley Co. TN
Benjamin Franklin Brock (1824-?)
Malissa Brock (1826-?)
Thomas Gregory Brock (1828-?)

Third Generation

Children of James Nathaniel Brock and Mariah Maxwell
John W. Brock (1835-1864) m. Sarah Ward (ca. 1840-aft. 1880)
Enoch Brock (1837-1861)
Thomas Maxwell Brock (1839-1920) m. Beulah C Brunt (1844-1912)
Sarah Elizabeth Brock (1840-aft. 1900) m. Benjamin T. Naylor (ca. 1840-aft. 1900), moved to Iowa, then Texas
James Victor Brock (1842-1870) moved to Alabama
Mary M. Brock (1845-1846)

Children of James Nathaniel Brock and Margaret Cuthrell
Moses B. Brock (1855-1941) m. Henrietta Alverta Coley (1870-1960)
Joseph Cullen Brock (1857-1930) m. 1) Molly E. Perry (ca. 1860-1899), 2) Blanche James (1877-1963)
Margaret Maria Brock (1859-1939) m. Charles Alexander Hartman (1853-1930)
Emma Louise Brock (1863-1963) m. Richard Clingman Brown (1862-1938)


Children of Nathaniel Taylor Brock and Clarissa Smith
Emaline F. Brock (1838-1911) m. Martin Rowan Chaffin (1828-1925)
Richard Emerson Brock (1840-1889) m. Mary A. Howell (ca. 1845-aft. 1889)
Levin E. Brock (1843-1871)
Sarah T. Brock (1847-1922) m. George Watson Nicholson (1848-1913)
Amanda M. Brock (1849-1853)


Children of William Harrison Brock and Eliza Allen
Ida Brock
Ada Brock
Etheridge Enoch Brock

Children of William Harrison Brock and Sallie C. House
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Brock (1868-1941)
Mary Catherine (Kate) Brock (1870-?)
John William Brock (1871-1941)
John Thomas Brock (1873-1947)
Sally Finice Brock (1878-?)

Fourth Generation

Children of John W. Brock and Sarah Ward
Carmilla Ann Brock (ca. 1859-1930) m. Weldon Ellis Foster (1860-1912)
William Edwin Brock (ca. 1861-?)
John Enoch Brock (1862-1934) m. Cora Athon (1865-1949)


Children of Thomas Maxwell Brock and Beulah Brunt
Victoria Brock (1867-1905)
Mariah Elizabeth Brock (1869-?)
James William Brock (ca. 1873-1918)
Edgar Huddleston Brock (ca. 1876-?)
Maxwell Moses Brock (1878-1949)
Leo Franklin Brock (1880-1955) m. Norma Ethel Flowers (1888-1951)
Ora Brunt Brock (1882-?)

Maxwell Moses Brock's death certificate gives his birth date as 1882, but he is in the 1880 census, age 2.


Children of Moses B. Brock and Henrietta Coley
J. Wade Brock (1889-1933) m. Dorothy Steindorf
Burr Coley Brock (1891-1933) m. Laura McPherson Tabor (1896-1979)
James Nathaniel Brock (1895-1898)
Margaret Brock (1900-1997)
John Moses Brock (1908-1977) m. Nell Moody


Child of Richard Emerson Brock and Mary A. Howell
William Emerson Brock (1871-?)

William Emerson Brock was the owner of the Brock Candy company and a prominent citizen of Chattanooga TN. He was appointed to fill out a term in the U.S. Senate in 1929, ran in 1930 and was elected for a short term, but did not run again. from biography by C.G. Tomlinson, copied from Brock file in Davie Co. library


The Heritage of Currituck County NC

Davie County NC census, wills and cemetery records

Brock family files, Davie County Library

Thanks also to Len Ponder for information on this family.

Additional Resources

BROCK family DNA project

If you're a male line descendant of the Davie Co. Brock family, please consider participating in the DNA project.

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