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First Generation

Joseph Cuthrell was probably a grandson of Gowin Cuthrell who died in Norfolk VA in 1711, but I don't know yet who his father was, since Gowin had at least eight sons. Family Bible records state that Joseph's wife was Sarah Etheridge, also a common name in the Norfolk area. I don't know who her parents were either. Can you help?

Second Generation

Children of Joseph Cuthrell and Sarah Etheridge (may have been others)
Charles Cuthrell (died about 1826, Rowan/Davie Co. NC) m. Sopha Bell
Maximilian Cuthrell (1793-1883) m. Margaret Ballentine (1783-1869), who was previously married to Jesse Sikes

Maximilian and Margaret married in Norfolk VA in 1817. Yes, as best I can determine, she was really ten years older than he was. They came to Davie County NC between 1820 and 1824. They first appear there in the census in 1830 in Rowan, Davie's parent county, but their daughter Eliza, born 1824, is listed in the 1850 census as born in NC. Charles Cuthrell was in Rowan County by 1815, and married there. When Charles died in 1826, Maximilian was named guardian of his five children, all of whom were under age. This fact, plus the observation that Charles had children named Joseph and Sarah, suggests to me that Charles and Maximilian were probably brothers.

There were other Cuthrells who moved from the Norfolk area to Davie Co. around the same time, and I am still trying to straighten out who belongs in which family:


Children of Thomas Cuthrell and ?
Teagle Walter Cuthrell (1792-1841) m. Martha Ann Herbert, widow Whidbe (1806-aft. 1860)
Nathaniel Cuthrell (1797-1825) m. Sarah Fulford (1808-1899).

Family information sent to me by Addie Wallace in 1999 names six sons of Thomas Cuthrell of Virginia: Teagle, James, John, Richard, Nelson and Nathaniel. I believe that Teagle and Nathaniel are the men of the same names who end up in Davie County.

Teagle was in Portsmouth VA in 1830 and in Davie Co. NC in 1840. He died in Davie County in 1841. His widow Martha was still living in Davie County in 1860.

Nathaniel Cuthrell also came to Rowan/Davie County, where he married Sarah Fulford (1808-1899) in 1824. He died in December of the next year. They had one son, James N. Cuthrell, who remained in Davie County.

I strongly suspect that Joseph and Thomas Cuthrell, fathers respectively of Charles and Maximilian, Teagle and Nathaniel, were brothers. Can anyone prove or disprove this? If true, who was their father?

Third Generation

Children of Charles Cuthrell and Sopha Bell
Joseph Cuthrell
Eli Cuthrell
Sarah Cuthrell (ca. 1820-1851) m. John G. Cohee
Mary Cuthrell (ca. 1825-aft. 1880) m. Warren Skinner
Charles Cuthrell (deceased by April 1848)

By 1839, Joseph and Eli were of age, indicating that they were the oldest children. I don't know what became of either.

We do know that Charles, Mary and Sarah moved away, perhaps with their widowed mother. Sarah married John G. Cohee in Rush County IN in 1841; they later lived in Darke County, Ohio (thanks to Helen Cohee Wright for information on this family!). Mary married Warren Skinner in Darke Co. OH in 1847. In April 1848 John Cohee wrote to Maximilian Cuthrell, asking how much money was on hand for Sarah and Mary, and stating that their younger brother Charles "has decesed sens thay lefte that contey which will ad to each ones a small sum".


Children of Maxmilian and Margaret Cuthrell
Margaret Ann Cuthrell (1818-1910) m. 1) John H. Chinn (1811-1845), 2) James N. Brock (1810-1886)
Elizabeth Cuthrell (1820-1823)
Joseph F. Cuthrell (1822-1900) m. Josephine Mesley (1836-1899)
Eliza Frances Cuthrell (ca. 1824-after 1880) m. Josiah McCoy

At one time I considered the idea that Joseph F. might be Maximilian's nephew, son of Charles Cuthrell. However, in the 1880 census, Maximilian is living with Joseph F., and listed as his father, and Joseph F. is slightly younger than predicted for Charles Cuthrell's son, who was of age by 1839. I've concluded therefore that there were two Joseph Cuthrells, most likely first cousins named for their grandfather.

I've noticed that quite a few family trees list Laura Cuthrell b. 1829 as another child of Maximilian and Margaret. She was listed as living with them in the 1850 Davie Co. census, but was actually the daughter of Teagle and Martha Cuthrell.


Children of Teagle Walter Cuthrell and Martha Ann Herbert Whidbe
Edwin? Clark Cuthrell (1824-?); appears in an 1847 Davie Co. tax list and then vanishes from this county
Sarah Virginia Cuthrell (1826-?)
Laura Augusta Cuthrell (1829-1874) m. John Robert Kennedy (1810-1874), lived Brunswick Co. VA
James Thomas Cuthrell (1832-1873) m. Julia Bradshaw (1836-1918)
Olivia Elizabeth Cuthrell (1834-?)
Mary Ellen Cuthrell (1837-?) m. Thomas Horne (1828-1897)
Virginia Caroline Cuthrell (1840-1911) m. 1) Wiley M. Thomasson (1827-1865); 2) Wilson Hauser (1812-1887)


Child of Nathaniel Cuthrell and Sarah Fulford
James N. Cuthrell (ca. 1825-ca. 1865), m. Nancy James (prob. 1830-1891)


Another Cuthrell line in Davie County begins with Thomas Cuthrell born about 1802 in Virginia, and in Rowan Co. NC by 1826, when he married Anna Jane McClannen (d. before 1845). I don't know his relationship to Charles, Maximilian, Teagle, and Nathaniel, but I'm listing him in this generation since he seems to be roughly contemporary.

Thomas married 2) Jane Hill (ca. 1813-?) in 1845, and 3) Martha Cranfill (ca. 1832-?) in 1879.

Children of Thomas Cuthrell and Anna Jane McClannen
Frances Cuthrell (1830-1897) m. Anderson McBride (ca. 1808-bef. July 1877)
Nancy Cuthrell (ca. 1832-?). Did she marry Leonard Dixon?
Thomas Cuthrell (ca. 1836-?)
James E. Cuthrell (ca. 1840-1913) m. Genetia or Janette McBride
Mary Cuthrell (1842-1930) m. Joseph Franklin Allen (1830-1900)

Children of Thomas Cuthrell and Jane Hill
Edney Cuthrell (ca. 1846-?) m. William Tysinger
Richard Cuthrell (ca. 1847-?)
Lucinda Cuthrell (1850-1936) m. William Henry Lakey (1854-1892)
Martin F. Cuthrell (1853-1941) m. Louisa (Luco) Foster (1865-1943)
Joseph Alexander Cuthrell (1855-1904) m. Sarah Elizabeth Lakey (1865-1939)

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph F. Cuthrell and Josephine Mesley
Lula Cuthrell (1861-1862)
Claud Cuthrell (ca. 1864-?) m. Lisetta Douthit (1870-1921)
Ernest Cuthrell (1868-1887)
Albert Cuthrell (ca. 1871-?)


Children of James Thomas Cuthrell and Julia Bradshaw
Austin Bradshaw Cutrhell (1856-1867)
Robert Cuthrell (1856-1857)
Henry Cuthrell (1858-1881)
Edwin Cuthrell (1858-1840)
Roberta Cuthrell (1861-1951) m. William A. Mowery
Annie Cuthrell (1863-1952) m. Charles A. Snipes
Sallie Cuthrell (1864-1865)
Charles Cuthrell (1866-?) moved to Texas
Mary Cuthrell (twin of Charles, died at birth)
James Francis Cuthrell (1868-1947) m. Virginia McCain


Children of James N. Cuthrell and Nancy James
Martha Jane Cuthrell (ca. 1852-?)
Sarah Elizabeth Cuthrell (1854-1890)
Mary Lilly Cuthrell (1856-1936) m. Milton Clegg Ward (1849-1938)
Nancy Selena Cuthrell (ca. 1859-bef. 1897) m. Hugh Elwood Robertson (1835-1899)
Emma James Cuthrell (1862-1954) m. James A. Linville

Nancy Selena married Hugh Robertson in 1894, his second wife. In May 1897 he married for the third time. He is buried with his first wife, Nancy Jane Sheets, in Rose Cemetery in Mocksville; I don't see a burial record for Nancy Cuthrell.


Children of James E. Cuthrell and Janette McBride
Thomas Cuthrell (ca. 1862-?) m. Adellia Laymon
Betty Bell Cuthrell (ca. 1864-?) m. W.L. White
Edward Franklin Cuthrell (ca. 1866-?)
B. Grant Cuthrell (1868-1959) m. Clarinda Langley (1873-1957)
Mary Jane Cuthrell (ca. 1870-?)
Nancy Louise Cuthrell (ca. 1872-?)
Lillie Ann Cuthrell (ca. 1874-?)
James Matthew Cuthrell (ca. 1876-?)
Minnie Lea Cuthrell (ca. 1880-?)
Bertha Cornelia Cuthrell (1885-1959) m. Joseph Allen


Child of Mary Cuthrell and an unknown father
Matthew M. Cuthrell (1866-1933)


Mary Eliza Chinn Brown's family Bible (that's Mary Eliza at the top of the page)

North Carolina marriage bonds

Norfolk VA marriage bonds

Virginia and NC census records 1810-1870

Linn, Jo White (1973). Davie County North Carolina Will and Deed Abstracts (Wills 1836-1900, Deeds 1836-1850)

Davie County census, marriage, and cemetery records, compiled by Nancy Murphy for the Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society

LDS film 1036745/4, misc. collected Bible records. This one submitted by Mrs. Mary Horn, 806 Peden, Houston 6, TX, lists family of Teagle Cuthrell.

Personal communications from Jeanette Cuthriell, Diane Kelly, Addie Wallace, Wayne Gordon, Tina Hall, Barbara McMahon, and others. Thank you!

Special thanks to Helen Cohee Wright who was able to identify Sarah Cuthrell Cohee of Ohio, and to Linda Doyle for connecting Laura Augusta Cuthrell Kennedy!

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