Coe family of Guilford Co. NC

I'm very grateful to Carl Robert Coe <> for information on this family. Please see his books for details of the early ancestors: The Coe Families of Maryland and Virginia by Carl Robert Coe, two volumes.

The immigrant ancestor was Timothy Coe, who immigrated from England to Virginia in 1652, age 21.

John Coe, born in 1744 in Worcester Co. MD, married Sarah Holton and came to North Carolina in 1784. They settled in Pleasant Garden, in Guilford County, where he died in 1807.

Their son John Coe, who was born in 1779, became a prominent Methodist minister, and was the founding paster of Mt. Moriah Methodist Church in Guilford County. He was married twice, first to Hannah Mclean who died about 1804, and second to Dorcas Pearson (1787-1861).

First Generation

Children of John Coe and Hannah McLean
Lydia Coe (1800-?)
Isaac Coe (1802-1863) m. 1) Sarah Deans (1801-1841), 2) Martha Coe, a cousin
Robert Gamble Coe (1804-?)

Second Generation

Children of Isaac Coe and Sarah Deans
Robert Fletcher Coe (1829-1907) m. Martha E. Griffith (1834-1870)
William Coe (ca. 1831-?)
Alson Coe (ca. 1833-?)
Catherine Coe (ca. 1835-?)
Sarah Coe (ca. 1838-?)
Charlotte Coe (ca. 1841-?)

Third Generation

Children of Robert Fletcher Coe and Martha E. Griffith
Willis Thomas Coe (1851-1913) m. Ann Hazeltine Coley (1852-1910)
Martitia Coe (ca. 1855-?) m. Willie Dorsett

Fourth Generation

Children of Willis Thomas Coe and Ann Hazeltine Coley
Rebecca Coe (ca. 1876-?)
John Bunyon Coe (1877-1930) m. Luena Woods
Dollie C. Coe (1880-1940) m. Anna Hughes
Ellen Frances Coe (1882-1952) m. Robert Pennington
Mary Ann "Mamie" Coe (1884-1946) m. Abner Christian Mansfield (1881-1942)
William Early Coe (1887-1942)
Maggie Coe (ca. 1889-?)
Lillie Coe (1893-1918) m. ____ Edwards

In 1880 Willis and Ann were living in Wake Co. NC, and in 1900 in Durham County.

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