Dickens Family of Chatham County NC

Joseph Dickens died in Halifax Co. NC on March 19, 1802, and his will was probated on October 11 of that year. Here I follow only the line of his son Thomas Dickens, who married Mollie (Millie?) Stevens in Halifax Co. in 1789. Thomas was living in Chatham county by 1830, perhaps sooner.

My information on the early family is based on on-line sources, some of which are mutually inconsistent. Additional data will be posted as I am able to verify it.

First Generation

Child of Thomas Dickens and Mollie Stevens
Merrit or Meredith Dickens (ca. 1790-1858) m. Ruth Ann Buchanan

Thomas and Mollie had other children.

Second Generation

Children of Merrit Dickens and Ruth Buchanan
Andrew Jackson Dickens (1825-1905) m. Lucinda Woodall (or Woodell?)
James McL. Dickens
William Dickens
Stephen Dickens
Frances Dickens

Third Generation

Children of Andrew Jackson Dickens and Lucinda Woodall
Ruth J. Dickens
Joseph Melton Dickens (1853-1932) m. 1) Cornelia Pollard, 2) Emily Johnson, 3) Antoinette Wicker
Mary J. Dickens
Arletta Virginia Dickens
William Mark Dickens
Burrell N. Dickens
Maranda F. Dickens
Martha Dickens

Some sources given Joseph's birth as 1854 rather than 1853.

Fourth Generation

Children of Joseph Melton Dickens and Cornelia Pollard
Rufus Colie Dickens (1875-1968)
Joseph Ferrow Dickens (1878-1952)
Robert Matthew Dickens (1879-1947)
Burt M. Dickens (1882-1954) m. Clara Churchill

Children of Joseph Melton Dickens and Emily Johnson
Lou Gertha Dickens (1889-1987) m. Oris Mann
Minnie Irene Dickens (1891-1903)
Lillian Ivey Dickens (1893-1977) m. W.G. Woodell
Alma Dickens (1894-1900)
Carrie Mae Dickens (1895-1981) m. Donnie J. Ellis (1892-1971)
Almer L. Dickens (1897-1898)

Children of Joseph Melton Dickens and Antoinette Wicker
Paul B. Dickens (1899-1927)
Eileen (Ellen?) T. Dickens (ca. 1901-?)
Vara E. Dickens (1903-1972)
Aaron Thomas Dickens (1905-1972)
Wilbur D. Dickens (ca. 1908-?)
Nellie Dickens (1910-?)
Audrey Marie Dickens (ca. 1912-?)
Bessie Cornelia Dickens (ca. 1914-?)
Lattie Norma Dickens (1916-1917)


What's presented here is based primarily on census and other public records. I have some additional information tying this family to that of Charles Dickens, and will post it soon.

Graham Family Tree page at Ancestry.com
I used this page as a source for full names and dates for Joseph Melton Dickens' children.

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