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Family records state that Maximilian Cuthrell (1793-1883) was the son of Joseph Cuthrell and Sarah Etheridge. I haven't been able to prove Sarah's parents yet.

My main source is Boddie, Mrs. John Bennett, ed., Historical Southern Families, vols. XIV and XV, 1970. The history of the Etheridge family contained in these books list two men named Maximilian Etheridge. Could one of these be the source of Maximilian Cuthrell's name?

If anyone is researching the Etheridge family and can give me more information on these two individuals, I will be most grateful!

a) Maximilian Etheridge, son of David Etheridge (ca. 1705-1765, d. Princess Anne Co. VA) and second wife Mary


b) Maximilian Etheridge son of Abel Etheridge; this Maximilian appears in tax records of Norfolk Co. VA from 1782-1815

Alternatively, does anyone researching the Etheridge family know of a Sarah born mid to late 1770s, of age to have a child in 1793?


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