Godwin Families of Hertford County, NC

Anthony and Elizabeth Godwin

Anthony S. and Elizabeth E. Godwin appear in the 1850, 1860 and 1880 census records in Hertford Co. NC. I haven't been able to find them in 1870. There are many other Godwins in this area, and I haven't worked further back yet. Can anyone tell me who his parents were, and what Elizabeth's maiden name was?

First Generation

Children of Anthony and Elizabeth Godwin
Milly A. Godwin (ca. 1842-?)
W. John Godwin (ca. 1846-?)
Harriet or Martha Godwin (ca. 1849-?) [Harriet in 1850, Martha in 1860]
George D. Godwin (ca. 1851-?)
James T. Godwin (ca. 1856-?)
Mary Elizabeth Godwin (1856-1943) m. William Judson Williford (1850-1934)
Joseph S. Godwin (ca. 1859-?)
Charles Godwin (ca. 1862-?)

W.H. and Fannie Godwin

As discussed on the Early page, in 1870 James E. Early age 7 is living in the household of W.H. and Fannie S. Godwin in Hertford County. James R. Godwin age 6 is also present.

Could this be William H. Godwin and Fannie E. Wooton who married in January 1870 in Northampton Co. NC?


These families were reconstructed from census records.

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