Williford Family of Bertie County NC

There were Willifords in Isle of Wight, Westmoreland, and perhaps other Virginia counties in the 1600s, but I don't know yet how the early famiy fits together. I think the line I'm researching traces back to John Williford, born about 1673 and died probably before 1746 in Isle of Wight County. His wife Elizabeth survived him. This family appears in several online trees, some of which have impossible dates for their children and other inconsistencies.

John and Elizabeth were parents of a son Richard Williford, born about 1701 and died in 1766. He appears to have moved to Bertie Co. NC by about 1725. His wife's name was Abigail. They are thought to be the parents of a son Richard (ca. 1725-1808), whose wife's name was Mary (d. 1782).

First Generation

Children of Richard and Mary Williford
John Williford (1775-1833) m. Polly Freeman (ca. 1783-?)
Abner Williford m. Patsy Jenkins
Mary Williford m. 1) ____ Jenkins, 2) _____ Boyce
Winifred Williford m. ____ Baker

Richard's will was dated 1801 and submitted for probate February 1808. It names sons John and Abner, daughter Winifred Baker, deceased daughter Mary Boyce and her children, six of whom are named Jenkins, and two Boyce.

transcription of the will in the USGenWeb Archives

Second Generation

Children of John Williford and Polly Freeman
William B. Williford (d. bef. 1842) m. Jennet Early
Richard F. Williford (1808-1874) m. 1) unknown, 2) Elizabeth Austin (1827-1907)
John Williford (ca. 1825-bef. 1870) m. Appie Johnson [needs verification]
Mary Williford m. William Wynns
Adeline Williford m. Calvin C. Tyler
Sarah Williford m. Asa Early
Nancy Williford m. George Williams
Elizabeth Williford m. Benjamin Porter
Jethro B. Williford
Ophelia Williford

transcription of John's will in the USGenWeb Archives

Another daughter, Winifred, is sometimes listed for John and Polly, but is not mentioned in the will.


Children of Abner Williford and Patsy Jenkins
Richard Williford (ca. 1780- ca. 1835) m. Sarah Elizabeth Freeman
James Williford
Mary Williford m. Levi Baker
Winifred Williford
Milicent Williford
John Williford
Christian Williford
Abner Williford

transcription of Abner's will in the USGenWeb Archives

Third Generation

Children of William Williford and Jennet Early
Winafred Williford (ca. 1830-aft. 1880) did not marry, but had four children
Sarah Williford (ca. 1833-?)
Nancy Williford (ca. 1835-?)
John Williford (ca. 1837-?)
Richard Henry Williford (1840-1919) m. Julia Ann Matthews

William married Jennet in 1827 in Bertie County. In 1850 Jennet is living with her second husband, Benjamin Williams. I can't find a record of this marriage, but since Richard Williford is age 11 in 1850, and the oldest Williams child is 8, it seems reasonable to assume it took place around 1840-1841.


Children of Richard F. Williford and his first wife
Martha Williford (ca. 1836-?)
Mary Williford (ca. 1838-?)
David Williford (ca. 1842-?)
Josephus Williford (ca. 1844-?)
Sarah Williford (ca. 1846-?)

Children of Richard F. Williford and Elizabeth Austin
Amanda Williford (1849-1904)
Richard Buchanan Williford (1857-1926)
Cora Elizabeth Williford (1859-1949)
William I. Williford (1862-)
James C. Williford (1863-1923)
John Williford (1865-1897)


Children of John Williford and Appie Johnson
Mary E. Williford (ca. 1853-?)
William Henry Williford (ca. 1850-?)
Joseph John Williford (ca. 1857-?)
George D. Williford (ca. 1859-?)
James Robert Williford (1861-1926)

Fourth Generation

Children of Winafred Williford and an unknown father
William Judson Williford (1850-1934) m. Mary Elizabeth Godwin (1856-1943)
James B. Williford (ca. 1858-aft. 1900) m. Luella, maiden name unknown
Sallie A. Williford (ca. 1862-aft. 1880)
Joseph D. Williford (ca. 1867-aft. 1900)

In 1850 Winafred was age 20, living with her mother and stepfather, and her son William. In 1860 she was head of household at age 29, listed as a "tayloress", with William age 10 and James B. age 2. By 1870 Sarah and Joseph D. have joined the family, and she is still head of household in 1880, with all four of her children still at home.

James and Joseph both appear in the 1900 census, but I was unable to find a death certificate for either, suggesting they may have died before NC started death registration in 1913.


Children of Richard H. Williford and Julia Ann Matthews
Charlie Vann Williford (ca. 1863-?) m. Mary Elizabeth Outlaw
William H. Williford (ca. 1866-?)
Luella Williford (ca. 1868-?)
John Williford (ca. 1872-?)
Virginia C. Williford (ca. 1875-?)
Mary Lucy Williford (ca. 1877-?)
George Washington Williford (ca. 1880-?)
Raleigh Clifton Williford (1883-1947)

Fifth Generation

Children of William Judson Williford and Mary Elizabeth Godwin
Glennie Alice Williford (1883-1950)
Sadie (1887-1964) Williford m. M.G. Liverman
Bessie Williford (1891-)
Brode Lee Williford (1894-1968) m. Etta Early (1889-1975)
Daisy Ray Williford (1896-1974) did not marry
C. Spurgeon Williford (1899-?)
name unknown


Children of James B. and Luella Williford
Morton Jackson Williford (1891-1948)
Sophia Jeannette Williford (1890-1970)
Katie Williford (1894-?)
William H. Williford (1895-?)
Eva L. Williford (1897-?)
Catherine Williford


Thanks to Jo Ann Williford for information on this family!

Additional information came from NC marriage, census and death records.

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