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This page was revised on October 29, 2007. Previously the page began with Albertus Hendrickson, who immigrated from Holland in 1662, and whose descendants are known to genealogists as the "Frontier Hendricks" family. Recent DNA evidence shows however that Albertus was NOT the biological ancestor of James Hendricks of Rowan Co. NC ("Elder James"), although there are other Hendricks families in the same region who do belong to the Frontier Hendricks group.

To avoid confusion, I am now restricting this page to James Hendricks and his descendants.

For more on the Frontier Hendricks and other families, see the Hendricks Family Association site

For more information on the DNA study, please visit the Hendricks DNA project site.

I have extracted the DNA marker data from the Hendricks Project page for the samples that appear to be related to Elder James. See my Hendricks DNA page for these comparisons.

First Generation

John Scott Davenport states that James Hendricks had been an unordained preacher in the Dunker congration at Little Conewago in Pennsylvania. He was living in Maryland by 1761, and then moved to North Carolina about 1772, settling initially in the Uwharrie Dunker community in what is now Randolph Co. NC, but soon moving to another Dunker community on Crane Creek in Rowan County, where he was known as "Elder James". His wife was named Christiana; traditionally her surname is given as Roland, but there doesn't seem to be solid documentation for this, and Davenport doesn't commit to it.

DNA analysis indicates that James Hendricks was NOT the biological son of Henry Hendricks and Ann Linville as was previously assumed. Five men with probable descent from James have Y-DNA profiles that match one another, but do not match other descendants of Albertus Hendrickson, including descendants of Henry and Ann's son Tobias.

The association between James and Henry was made by Davenport based on various written records, but has been questioned by other researchers. If you have documentation that bears on this issue, please contact me (ncgen@mindspring.com).

Children of James and Christiana Hendricks
Daniel Hendricks (ca. 1755-1804) m. Mary Roland, d/o Gaspar Roland and Mary Hunsaker
Peter Hendricks
John Hendricks
William Hendricks
Henry Hendricks

James died intestate in 1787 and his five sons petitioned the court to divide his land among them. This was done in the summer of 1789. Christiana survived him, dying in late 1795 or early 1796.

Second Generation

Children of Daniel Hendricks and Mary Roland
Catherine Hendricks (d. after 1826) m. Cannon Brown
Mary Hendricks m. Benjamin Coon
Rachel Hendricks m. Joel Banks
John Hendricks moved to Warren Co. KY by 1813
Abraham Hendricks moved to Wilkes Co. NC
Elizabeth (Betsy) Hendricks
James Hendricks m. Mary Freeling, moved to Warren Co. KY
David Hendricks probably the one who married Elizabeth Jones in 1815
Daniel Hendricks (1784-1865) married Isabel Pendry, moved to Dyer County TN. updated June 22, 2017
Jesse Hendricks (ca. 1791-1843) m. Elizabeth Adams
Anna Hendricks m. Jacob Feezer

If you are a male Hendricks descendant of any of the five men whose names are highlighted in red above, please contact me about DNA testing. A descendant of Jesse Hendricks has already been tested.

Daniel Hendricks left his parents' Crane Creek home as a young man and moved to what is now Davie County, appearing there on tax lists for the first time in 1778. In 1783 he received a state grant for 152 acres on Bartleson's Creek. His father-in-law Gaspar Roland received a grant of 300 acres adjacent to this tract on the same day. In 1788 Daniel sold this 152 acre tract to Gaspar Roland, and purchased 160 acres on Bear Creek, a few miles to the west.

Administration of Daniel's estate was granted to his son James Hendricks and his son-in-law Cannon Brown in May 1804, his widow relinquishing. In 1811 his property on Bear Creek was divided into eleven lots on petition of Daniel Hendricks, Rachel (Hendricks) Banks and Cannon Brown, husband of Catherine Hendricks. The estate papers provide unequivocal identification of his children, and show that Mary Roland Hendricks was still living as late as 1814.

Guardianship records show that the children David, Jesse and Ann were still under age in 1811.

Third Generation

Children of Jesse Hendricks and Elizabeth Adams
David Hendricks (1815-1890) m. Sarah Ann Nail (1819-1996), moved to Arkansas after 1860
Cassandra Hendricks (ca. 1821-aft. 1860) m. Samuel W. Bessent
Jesse A. Hendricks 1822-1891) m. Maria Catherine Jones, d/o Basil G. Jones and Mary Brown
Mary Hendricks (ca. 1828-aft. 1880) m. James Dingler
Nathan Hendricks (1834-1901) m. Mary Jane Campbell, lived in Tennessee
Thomas Hendricks (ca. 1834-?)
Sarah Hendricks (ca. 1841-?) m. Giles Etchison (ca. 1838-bef. 1870)


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Rowan Co. NC deeds, wills and loose estate papers, NC state archives

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I am especially grateful to Susan Avery, Bill Green and Bill Hendrick for information on the NC Hendricks families.

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