Descendants of Jesse Hinshaw and Abigail Marshall

Jesse Hinshaw, a Quaker, was born about 1720 in County Tyrone, Ireland, married Abigail Marshall in 1745, and came to America in 1769. They settled at Cane Creek, then part of Orange County. This area became part of Chatham County in 1771, and Alamance County in 1849. Jesse died in 1797, Abigail in 1806.

The Hinshaws are one of the best-documented families I've worked on, and I've done very little original research on this line beyond checking the 19th-century census records. Please see the Hinshaw Family Association site for MUCH more information.

First Generation

Children of Jesse Hinshaw and Abigail Marshall
John Hinshaw (1747-1800)
Benjamin Hinshaw (1749-1814)
Joseph Hinshaw (1752-1822)
William Hinshaw (1757-?)
Ruth Hinshaw (1763-1803)
Abigail Hinshaw (1766-1809)
Jesse Hinshaw (1770-1846) m. 1) Mary Marshall (1773-1806), 2) Elizabeth Hinshaw (1780-1823), 3) Letitia Moss

Jesse Hinshaw's page on the HFA site

Second Generation

Children of Jesse Hinshaw and Mary Marshall
Ruth Hinshaw (1791-1836)
Jacob Hinshaw (1793-)
Benjamin Hinshaw (1795-) wife's name uncertain; see Third Generation
Jesse Hinshaw (1797-)
Isaac Hinshaw (1799-)
Margaret Hinshaw (1800-)
John Hinshaw (1803-)
Abigail Hinshaw (1804-)

Mary Marshall was the daughter of Jacob Marshall and Margaret Cypert. This name appears as Marshill in some records.

Children of Jesse Hinshaw and Elizabeth Hinshaw
Rebecca Hinshaw (1809-)
Mary Hinshaw (1810-)
Ira Hinshaw (1812-)
Ann Hinshaw (1813-)
Zeno Hinshaw (1815-1821)
Jane Hinshaw (1817-)
Barzilla Hinshaw (1819-1821)

Elizabeth Hinshaw was the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hinshaw.

Jesse and Mary were disowned from Cane Creek meeting in 1791 and reinstated in 1794. Both "condemned their misconduct".

Jesse was disowned again in 1824 for marriage out of unity less than 12 months after his wife's death.

Jesse Hinshaw's HFA page

Third Generation

Children of Benjamin Hinshaw
Uriah Solomon Hinshaw (1822-1888) m. Sarah (Sally) Pickard (1820-1891 )
Sarah Hinshaw (ca. 1833-?) m. Charles Moody

This Benjamin has been confused in some family histories with a different Benjamin Hinshaw of very nearly the same age, who married Sarah Vestal. We don't know the name of our Benjamin's wife, or if there were other children besides these two. Daughter Sarah is listed on the Hinshaw Family Association's web site. Here we follow the line of Uriah Solomon Hinshaw.

Benjamin Hinshaw's HFA page

Fourth Generation

Children of Uriah Solomon Hinshaw and Sarah Pickard
John Alson Hinshaw (1844-?) moved to Kansas
William Arrington Hinshaw (1846-1920) m. 1) Nellie (Ellen) Jane Coble (1838-1885), 2) Charity E. Workman (1846-1903), 3) Alice Scott
Thomas Jefferson Hinshaw (1848-1923) m. Harriet Cecilia Weaver (1854-1908); moved to Kansas
Solomon Uriah Hinshaw (1850-1917) m. Susan Allred (1849-1936)
Daniel Hatch Hinshaw (1853-1901) m. Missouri Frances Robey (1862-1917), lived in Indiana
Isaac Hinshaw (1854-1937) m. Esther Hodgin (1861-1931)
Esperann Hinshaw (1857-1935) m. James Lowe (1846-1930)
Vandelia Hinshaw (1860-1890) m. Fob York
Sarah Hinshaw (1864-1922) m. Gurney Fogelman (1862-1949)

Uriah Solomon Hinshaw's HFA page

Fifth Generation

Children of Solomon Uriah Hinshaw and Susan Allred
Charles Hinshaw (1871*-1918) m. Janet Crutchfield (1873-1918)
Alice Hinshaw (1871-1873)
Beulah Jane Hinshaw (1873-1966) m. John Bunyan Foster (d. 1954)
Sarah Lucinda Hinshaw (1876-1941) m. Prentice Esque Moran (1866-1951)
Addie Hinshaw (1880-?) m. William Eck Moore
William Thomas Hinshaw (1881-1971) m. 1) Lillian Dorsett (d. 1901), 2) Texie Mae Lail (1885-1973)
Onie Hinshaw (1884-1971) m. Henry Clay Foster (1883-1971)
Walter Uriah Hinshaw (1887-1919) m. Inez Scott
Clarence Winfred Hinshaw (1889-1978) m. Verna Elizabeth Moore (1895-1987)

*Charlie's birthdate is given in family records as 28 Feb 1869, but both Solomon and Susan are still living with their respective parents in the 1870 census, and Charles listed as age 9 in the 1880 census, suggesting that he was actually born in 1871. Was Alice his twin?

Solomon Uriah Hinshaw's HFA page


Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume 1, North Carolina, by William Wade Hinshaw

Hinshaw Family Association site

Census and other civil records, family records

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