Jerome Family in NC

First Generation

Thomas Jefferson Jerome was born in Hartford CT in 1800, the son of Thomas Jerome and Ruth Hill. His grandson Conder Parson Jerome wrote,

    "My grandfather received a fair education in the schools of that day. He was able to read well. When about 15 years old he was apprenticed to learn the trade of a wheel-wright. In 1818 along with several others representing the Chauncy Jerome clock works he came to North Carolina in a wagon. They made the running works up North, and since there was no railroad service available they had to haul them South in wagons. They set up a shop in Charlottte and made cases for the clocks there... Later he moved to Monroe [NC] and worked in a buggy shop.

    "About 1825 [actually 1822] he married Miss Katie McLarty, a daughter of Alexander McLarty. They were married in what is now Union County near Monroe...He moved with his wife to Charlotte on East Seventh Street where my father, Thomas Archibald, was born June 20, 1830. Soon after that he moved to the new town of Monroe when father was five years old and lived there for some time. Later he bought a home about four miles in the country and lived there for many years. Father was largely brought up on this farm and lived there until he and Mother were married. After their marriage he took Mother and went to his home, taking Mother on his horse behind him."

Second Generation

Children of Thomas Jefferson Jerome and Catherine McLarty
Eber Alexander Jerome (1823-1908) m. 1) Eliza Bivens (1826-1873), 2) Cynthia Hart, 3) Melissa Jane Wadsworth (1833-1910), widow of Ellison Huntley
Harvey Jerome (1825-1832)
Jennet Miriam Jerome (1828-1903) m. John C. Williams (1827-1901)
Thomas Archibald Jerome (1830-1903) m. 1) Elizabeth Catherine Conder (1837-1873), 2) Martha Elizabeth Morrison (1846-1904)
Eliza Jerome (1834-1913) m. William R. Price (1831-1865)
James Alfonso Jerome (1837-1911) m. Dorcas Emeline Benton (1848-1921)
Robert Porter Jerome (1840-?) moved to Florida

The maiden name of Eber's third wife was corrected July 5, 2005, thanks to Virgil Huntley.

Third Generation

Children of Eber Jerome and Eliza Bivens
Orpha Jerome (ca. 1848-?) m. James Smart
Idella Jerome (1850-1926) m. John Henry
Sarah M. Jerome (1852-1866)
Frances Jerome (1855-1935) m. George Broom
Dora Jerome (ca. 1858-?) m. Hugh McWhirter (1857-1933)
Thomas Jefferson Jerome (1859-1921) m. 1) Cora Rees, 2) Ella Rees
Nancy Ellen Jerome (1859-1937) m. Ellis May
James Robert Jerome (1861-1927) m. 1) Elizabeth Shinn, 2) Julia Eudora Barringer (1871-1954)
John Eber Jerome (1863-1928) m. Cornelia Ellen Griffin (1863-1947)
Edward Columbus Jerome (1867-?)

Previously I listed Nancy and Ellen as two different children. I now believe that Nancy E. of the 1860 census is actually the same child as Ellen who married Ellis May, and that she is the twin of Thomas J.


Children of Thomas Archibald Jerome and Elizabeth Catherine Conder
Conder Parson Jerome (1857-1951) m. 1) Flora Eugenia Gray (1861-1929), 2) Kate Drew Robeson (1874-1947)
James Crawford Jerome (1860-1934) m. Leona Douglass Geddie (ca. 1864-1935)
Carrie Lee Jerome (1866-1960) m. Thomas J. Orr (1855-1927)
   please see Donna Johnson's ORR family page for more information on the Orr family
Cora Selden Jerome (1869-?) m. Edgar Harper

Children of Thomas Archibald Jerome and Martha Elizabeth Morrison
Beulah Jerome (1877-1906) m. Hoyle Shinn
William Thomas Jerome (1880-1961) m. Ida Jane Black (1881-1948)


Children of James Alfonso Jerome and Emeline Benton
Theodore Clinton Jerome (1867-1927) m. Julia Galloway
Minnie Cordelia Jerome (1869-1899) m. Robert Henry Allen (1862-1933)
Virginia Etra Jerome (1871-1937) m. Columbus P. "Pat" Mungo (1842-1930)
Thomas Lannas Jerome (1873-1947) m. Susana Fisher (1882-1941)
Cora Maud Jerome (1876-?) m. David William Russell
James Bryce Jerome (1878-1950) m. Rosa Lee Presson (1879-1959)
Oscar L. Jerome (b. & d. 1881)
Lola Kate Jerome (1883-1952) m. George Forbis Price (1888-1966)
Helen May Jerome (1885-1964) m. Isaac Clontz (1886-1933)
Mabel E. Jerome (b. & d. 1887)
Lily Blanche Jerome (1889-1989) m. Samuel Sanford Presson (1885-1940)
Frank Jerome (1892-1931)

Thanks to Patricia Poland for help with this family.

Fourth Generation

Children of Conder Parson Jerome and Flora Eugenia Gray
Maud Jerome (1884-1885)
Josie Thomas Jerome (1886-1976) m. Annie Brown (1889-1973)
Walter Gray Jerome (1887-1967) m. Elizabeth Pollard (1892-1996)
unnamed baby boy (b. & d. about 1889 or 1890)
Annie Cora Jerome (1891-1987) m. Eugene Scott Bowers (1874-1949)
Fred Duncan Jerome (1893-1963) m. Camelia London (1896-1977)
Emma Gladys Jerome (1895-1977) m. Rufus King Herring (1893-1931)
Grace Blair Jerome (1897-1956) m. Paul Godwin Parker (1894-1950)
Eunice Blair Jerome (1898-1991) m. Robert Cullen Rapp (1893-1989)
Robert Leroy Jerome (1901-1973) m. Jean Linden Porter
Flora Jerome (1905-2009) m. William Preston Holt (1901-1937)


Children of James Crawford Jerome and Leona Douglass Geddie
Myrtle Croom Jerome (ca. 1886-?) m. Oscar Fussell
Franklin Lee Jerome
Mary Elizabeth Jerome (ca. 1890-?) m. Stacy Butler
Thomas Geddie Jerome (1893-?) m. Donie Outlaw
John Marvin Jerome (1896-1964) m. Sally Symons
James Daniel Jerome (1899-1992) m. Sarah _____ (1914-1996)
Juanita Douglass Jerome (1904-1905)


Memoir and family records of Conder Parson Jerome

Laney, Clara, compiler, Union County Cemeteries 1710--1914 and Roster of Confederate and Revolutionary Soldiers
NC Historical Survey, 1958

Union County NC census records

Geddie, Jack, Geddie & McPhail Genealogy, Henry L. Geddie Co., Fort Worth TX, 1959

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