Morrison Family

First Generation

William Morrison and his wife Janet Hall of Campbelltown, Scotland, had three sons, James, Robert and John, who came to America and settled initially in Pennsylvania, then moved to the Rocky River area of Cabarrus County NC.

Research by Janet and Marie Morrison has established that this family did not come from the Isle of Lewis as stated in the book by Adelaide Lore.

Second Generation

James Morrison was born about 1726 in Scotland and married Jennet Morrison (1735-1810), supposedly a cousin, around 1757. Whether the wedding took place in Scotland or in Pennsylvania is uncertain. James purchased 136 acres on Colwell (Caldwell) Creek in Cabarrus Co. NC in 1766.

Third Generation

Children of James and Jennet Morrison
James Morrison (1758-1777)
Jennie Morrison (1760-1850) m. Alexander McLarty (1757-1824)
Mary Morrison (1762-1847) m. Robert Russell (1758-1794)
William Morrison (1765-1839) m. Catherine Russell (1765-1839), moved to Alabama
John Morrison (1768-1846) m. Mary McCurdy (1776-1821)
Elizabeth Morrison (1770-1837) m. David Russell
Rachel Morrison (1772-1825) m. John Gingles (1769-1831)
Robert Morrison (1774-1866) m. 1) Margaret McCombs, 2) Mary Wiley
James M. Morrison (1777-1824) m. Margaret Johnston
Samuel Morrison (1779-1872) m. 1) Sarah Johnston (1784-1810), 2) Mary McKee Stafford (1783-1868)

Fourth Generation

Children of John Morrison and Mary McCurdy
James Morrison
Archibald Morrison
Washington Morrison
Margaret Sellars Morrison
John Milton Morrison
William Newton Morrison
Mary Morrison m. Charles Harrison Gingles
Jane Morrison
Cynthia Caroline Morrison
Robert Harvey Morrison


Children of Samuel Morrison and Sarah Johnston
Tizra Morrison (1801-1889) m. Samuel Gingles
Cyrus Morrison (1803-1888) m. Mary Moore
James Elijah Morrison (1805-1892) m. 1) Julia Coulter, 2) Mary Letitia Krider
William Johnston Morrison (1807-1886) m. Mary A. Newell (1822-1908)
Harvey Morrison (1809-1848) m. 1) Margaret Cochran, 2) Martha Pharr
Sarah Morrison (1810-1894) m. Walter Franklin Pharr

Children of Samuel Morrison and Mary McKee Stafford
Samuel Newton Morrison (1813-1860) did not marry
Pinkney Morrison (1814-1884) m. Elizabeth Clementine Russell
Elizabeth C. Morrison (1816-1892) m. Sandy McKinley
George Leroy Morrison (1818-1860) m. Margaret Pharr
Elam Morrison (1820-?) m. Mary Emily Moreland
John Dwight Morrison (1822-1890) m. Cynthia Elizabeth Wilson
Quincy Columbus Morrison (1828-1863) m. Susan E. Grey

Fifth Generation

Children of William Johnston Morrison and Mary A. Newell
Martha Elizabeth Morrison (1846-1904) m. Thomas Archibald Jerome (1830-1903), his second wife
Sarah Jane Morrison (1848-?)
Harriet Frances Morrison (1850-?)
Cynthia Crecida Morrison (1852-1909) m. George Henry Hartsell
Daniel Lindley Morrison (1854-?) m. M. Alice Black
Samuel B. Morrison (1858-?) m. Jeanette McEachern
Isaac N. Morrison (1860-1862)
Mary E. Morrison (1862-1908) m. H.P. Flow


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Morrison, Alice Marie, and Morrison, Janet Sue, Descendants of James & Jennet Morrison of Rocky River, 1996, copyright Morrison Family Genealogy, 11631 Hickory Ridge Road, Harrisburg NC 28075

Memoir and family records of Conder Parson Jerome

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