Descendants of Thomas William Mansfield and Nancy Lea

Thomas William Mansfield, supposedly the son of William and Lucy Mansfield, married Nancy Lea in 1826 in Orange County NC. I have a list of 13 children for them, but I know very little about most of them except their son Jefferson Bunyon Mansfield (1836-1883) and his wife Ann Cornelia Gean (1828-1894).

First Generation

Children of Jefferson Bunyon Mansfield and Ann Cornelia Gean
Thomas William Mansfield (1859- bef. 1920) m. Ida Faucette (d. 1950)
Albert Jefferson Mansfield (1861-?)
Herbert Mansfield (about 1863-?) probably died young
Joseph Henry Lee Mansfield (1867-?) m. Lillie Shaw
George Walter Mansfield (1870-?)
John Wilbur Raymond Mansfield (1872-?)
Mildred Ida Mansfield (1876-1916) m. Hieronymus P. Leighton
Nancy Mansfield (1879-1902)
Lillian Josephine Mansfield (1879-?) m. Curtis R. Rollins
Abner Christian Mansfield (1881-1942) m. Mary Ann "Mamie" Coe (1883-1946)
James H. Mansfield m. Henrietta Bynum

Jefferson B. Mansfield served in Company E, NC 26th regiment, and was wounded at Gettysburg during Pettigrew's charge. Letters that he wrote to his wife Ann have been posted on the web by Michael Gean Sparks, a descendant of Ann's brother William Polk Gean. See the link under Other Resources below.


Census and other civil records, family records. Thanks especially to Carlton Mansfield!

Other Resources

The Jefferson B. Mansfield letters


A descendant of Jefferson Bunyon Mansfield has already been tested, but none of the other participants of this project matches his DNA. We need more samples to help trace the ancestry of this family further back. If you're a Mansfield male, please consider participating.

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