Perry Family of Hertford County NC

First Generation

According to Benjamin Winborne's book (see Sources, below), Phillip Perry came from England during the second quarter of the 17th century and settled in Isle of Wight Co. VA, where he became a large landowner and prominent citizen. His will was dated 20 Nov 1667, probated 9 Oct 1669. It names wife Grace, sons Phillip and John who were under age. Winborne names three additional sons, James, Jacob and Joseph.

In 1693, John Perry, son of Phillip deceased, conveyed a tract of land in Isle of Wight Co. to Col. Joseph Bridger.

The text goes on (pp. 21-24) with a catalogue of deed transactions, but doesn't make all the relationships clear. On p. 23, however, is the statement, "Several of the children of Philip Perry Sr. of Isle of Wight County Va. and several of his brothers moved to Perquimans County [NC]."

Philip's son John was born in England and died in Chowan Co. NC in 1724. His wife's name was Mary.

Second Generation

Children of John and Mary Perry
Jacob Perry
Israel Perry (d. 1779)
Phillip Perry
John Perry
Benjamin Perry (d. 1788) m. Susan Walton (d. 1791),
     d/o Thomas Walton and Sarah Hunter
Joseph Perry

Third Generation

Children of Benjamin Perry and Susan Walton
Jacob Perry (d. 1790)
Benjamin Perry (ca. 1725?-1784) m. Hannah Hunter (d. 1791)
Ezekiel Perry m. Sarah Eason, d/o Abner Eason and Rachel Docton

There were probably other children, but the Winborne book is confusing in this section, jumping from one descendant of Phillip to another, and it's difficult to tell which children belong to which parents.

Deed and tax records place Benjamin and Susan in Perquimans Co. NC by 1727.

I found Ezekiel's birthdate on line as about 1755, but the Winborne book states that his son Abner served in the Revolution for three years and was wounded at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. This would put Abner's birth no later than the early 1760s, and Ezekiel's probably in the 1720s or 1730s.

Fourth Generation

Children of Ezekiel Perry and Sarah Eason
Abner Perry (d. ca. 1810) m. 1) Peggy Burns (d. ca. 1805), 2) Sally Jordan,
    widow of Joshua Simons
Abram Perry
Docton Perry
Susannah Perry
Simeon Perry m. 1) Winefred Benn, 2) Martha Ann Baines

Ezekiel and Sarah moved to Hertford County before the Revolutionary War and settled near St. Johns Chapel.

The Winborne book names these five children, and says that there were others. It does not mention Simeon's marriage to Winefred Benn. It states that Docton and Abram lived in Bertie County, and that Abner, Susannah and Simion [sic] lived in Hertford. It provides much more detail on Abner's children.

Files on WorldConnect give Simeon's birthdate as 1802, which cannot possibly be true if he's the son of Ezekiel and Sarah, and had a grandson born in 1800. The LDS Ancestral File is cited. Could 1802 be Simeon's death rather than birth date?

Fifth Generation

Children of Simeon Perry and Martha Ann Baines
Jane Perry
Martha E. Perry
Alexander Perry
Augustus Perry
John Perry (d. 1820, murdered) m. Celia McGloughan

Sixth Generation

Children of John Perry and Celia McGloughan
William J. Perry (ca. 1818-1862) m. Martha Frances Askew (1819-1892)
Susan Perry

Seventh Generation

Children of William J. Perry and Martha Frances Askew
John A. Perry (ca. 1841-?)
George Thomas Perry (1844-1891) m. Missouri Brown (1843-1906)
Thomas Perry
Joseph D. Perry (ca. 1848-1915)
Susan Perry (ca. 1852-?) died young
William Augustus Perry (1855-1928) m. Julia Ward Freeman (1860-1937) Romulus Butler Perry (ca. 1856-?) m. Ollive Hoggard
Edward Perry (ca. 1860-?)

William J. Perry served as a magistrate ad Public Register in Hertford County.

Dates for all but George T., and wives of William and Romulus, from Sally's Family Place web site (see Sources, below)

Eighth Generation

Children of George T. Perry and Missouri Brown Jesse Perry (ca. 1877-?)
Walter Edgar Perry (1879-1946) m. Annie Outlaw Bazemore (1881-1959)
Lucious A. Perry (1882-?)
James David Perry (1884-1954)
William J. Perry (1887-?)
one more son, died before 1900

This list is based primariy on the 1900 census.

Family information sent by Jo Ann Williford indicates that Missouri Brown had a previous marriage to a man named Hoggard, with whom she had three daughters, and that she had six sons with George Perry. One of the Hoggard daughters apparently died in childhood, prior to 1880, when George and Missouri Perry are listed with two children, Jesse age 3 and W.E. age 1, plus two Hoggard girls, Theodosia and Isadora.

In 1900 Missouri is head of household, listed as Mary, a widow, and says that she has had 9 children of whom 7 are living. The oldest child in the household in 1900 is Sarah D., age 29, who I suspect may be Isadora Hoggard, since there were no Perry daughters, and this age matches Isadora of the 1880 census.

I haven't found Missouri and her Hoggard family in 1870 yet, nor have I found a record of her first marriage. Death certificates for Walter Edgar and James David Perry confirm her name as Missouri. At one point I thought she might be the same person as Mary Mizell Brown who married David Hoggard in 1867, Bertie County, but they seem to be present as a couple in 1880, by which time Missouri is married to George Perry. Can anyone identify her Hoggard husband? And does anyone know what happened to the two Hoggard girls?


My principal source on the early generations in this family was "The Perry Family of Hertford County North Carolina," by Benjamin Brodie Winborne, published in 1909. It has been digitized by Google and is available on line. It is reasonably well documented with citations to wills, deeds, and other documents, and with the exception of which Benjamin was father of Ezekiel (see Third Generation above), the sequence of names and dates for this branch of the family seems reasonable.

I also took some information several years ago from a WorldConnect page by Joy Roos that no longer seems to be available.

Sally's Family Place web site.
I discovered this excellent site after uploading the first version of this page, and am still working through it. It contains lots of primary data such as deeds and tax records.

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