Rea Family

John Rea (ca. 1734-1767) m. Martha Tomblin (1737-1811) of Lancaster Co. PA. After his death she married someone named Farmer. Some family histories put the birth of their oldest son, David, in Delaware, and youngest, Andrew, in North Carolina. However, Robert Rea, the only one of the four sons to make it to the 1850 census, gives his birthplace as Pennsylvania.

First Generation

Children of John Rea and Martha Tomblin
David Rea (1757-1839)
Robert Rea (1762-1852) lived in Jefferson Co. IN
John Rea (1764-1843) m. Nancy Secrest (1772-1867), d/o Jacob Secrest and Barbara Simms
Andrew Rea (1767-1801)

Second Generation

Child of John Rea and Nancy Secrest
John Morgan Rea (ca. 1793-1859?) m. Mary (Polly) Ritch

There were other children.

Third Generation

Children of John Morgan Rea and Polly Ritch
William F. Rea (ca. 1826-?)
John L. Rea (1833-?) m. Emaline Fowler (ca. 1835-?)
Elizabeth Rea (ca. 1836-?)
James W. Rea (ca. 1838-?)
Pinkney Rea (ca. 1843-?)

Fourth Generation

Child of John L. Rea and Emaline Fowler
Mary Jane Rea (1856-1925) m Josiah Ellis Austin (1859-1945)

John L. Rea is at home with his parents in the 1850 census, age 17, and family records state that he married Emaline Fowler in 1856, and that Mary Jane was born on December 31 of that year. I can't find John and Emaline in 1860 or 1870, and I don't know if they had other children. I next see Mary Jane in 1880, when she is newly married and living with her husband in his parents' household. Can anyone fill in the rest of the family, and the missing census records?


Family records, census, and notes on the REA-L list at Rootsweb.

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