Wiggs Family of Wake County NC

First Generation

William H. Wiggs (1802-1874) appears in Johnston Co. NC in 1850, and thereafter is in Wake County. His wife was Martha Ann Timberlake, daughter of Epaphroditus Timberlake and Sally Jones, who married in Franklin County in 1807.

Second Generation

Children of William H. Wiggs and Martha Timberlake
Sally Wiggs (ca. 1829-?)
Isaiah Wiggs (ca. 1831-?)
John T. Wiggs (ca. 1834-?)
James H. Wiggs (ca. 1839-?)
Esther Wiggs (ca. 1842-?)
Emeline Wiggs (1843-1919) m. William Joyner
Daniel W. Wiggs (ca. 1846-?)
Epaphroditus (Eppie P.) Wiggs (1847-1932) m. Martha L. (Patty) Smith,
    d/o Larkin Smith and Caroline Terrell
Rebecca Wiggs (ca. 1851-?). Did she marry O.J. Debnam?

Third Generation

Children of Eppie Wiggs and Martha Smith
William L. Wiggs (1872-1934) m. Delanie Whitley
Henry G. Wiggs (ca. 1874-?)
Nora C. Wiggs (ca. 1876-?)
Charlie Landon Wiggs (1878-1950) m. Bessie Dean (1882-1951)
Arthur L. Wiggs (1880-1959) did not marry
Emma Wiggs (1883-1952) m. Norman Dean
Ida Wiggs (1886-1922) did not marry
Lizzie Maggie Wiggs (1887-1967) m. John W. Liles
Metta Wiggs (1889-?) m. ___ Mills
Hettie Wiggs (1895-?)
Myrtle Wiggs (1897-?)

Note: the death certificate for Arthur L. Wiggs says he was born in 1883, but the 1880 census lists him as four months old, born in January.

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